At KFSH&RC, our unwavering commitment lies in maintaining our position as a leader in the academic and training domain.
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The prestigious scholarship program at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre opens doors for qualified individuals, both within and outside the hospital, to embark on a transformative journey of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. Designed to elevate careers and foster practical expertise, this program is strategically aligned with the hospital's objectives.

Our primary goal is to elevate the educational and healthcare standards of the hospital by cultivating a cohort of employees equipped with advanced and superior skills. Through this initiative, we aim to empower our talented workforce, shaping them into leaders who will drive healthcare innovation, enhance patient care, and contribute to the overall success of our organization.

Scholarship Basic Requirements:

  • Saudi citizen.
  • Completion of 2 years of work experience at KFSH&RC.
  • English language proficiency (equal to an IELTS score of 5.5) or as per the condition required by the sought program.
  • Unconditional program acceptance (accredited by the Ministry of Education).
  • The chosen program must be approved by the concerned department.
  • An overall “above average’’ performance evaluation.
  • A recommendation memo from the department with justification and a career pathway that highlights the target position.
  • Required documents for scholarship applications:
  • Unconditional program acceptance (accredited by the Ministry of Education).
  • Updated CV.
  • Copies of all degree certificates along with transcripts.
  • Internship certificate.
  • Degree equivalency letters from the Ministry of Education (for international certificates).
  • Training reports (for Physicians).
  • Board certificate (for Physicians).
  • Recommendation letters (2 minimum).
  • Saudi Commission for Health Specialties license (if any).
  • International medical license (if any).
  • English language proficiency test (if required).
  • National ID
  • Passport
  • Employee contractual history (for Hospital employees).
  • Employee summary report (for Hospital employees).
  • Employment certificate (for non-Hospital employees).
  • Sponsorship letter (for enrolled students).
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