Employee Portal


Designed to enhance the overall employee experience within our workplace, revolutionizing the way employees manage their work-related tasks and access their information.

iPac 3

The serves represent as a centralized hub, offering a range of self-service functionalities that contribute to increased efficiency, transparency, and employee satisfaction.


This service enables Hospital employees to access their hospital e-mail from outside the hospital.

patients acceptance

Patient Acceptance and Health-outreach

This service enables hospitals employees or beneficiaries to access the eligibility and referral system and the health outreach services.


This service enables hospital employees to access Health Information Technology Affairs applications and services when they are outside the hospital domain.

reset password

Reset Password

This service enables hospital employees to securely reset their Domain and/or Oracle password.

HR Connect

HR Connect is designed to be the main page for Human Resource that provides a broad range of services and information.


All About Finance

Welcome to “The Finance Homepage” Riyadh and Jeddah Branch, where you will find the contents that is very useful and discover the information, policies, and guidelines which will guide you through.

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