Benefits of Working at KFSHRC

Employment at KFSH&RC allows you to gain experience with some of the world’s foremost Medical & Professional. We offer a variety of educational & training opportunities that allows you to increase your knowledge while working towards financial security. Send your detailed CV now and avail yourself of all this wonderful international opportunity.

Take a moment to consider the Hospital’s generous benefits package, potentially tax-free salary, generous Leave Time, Free Hospital Housing (or housing allowance), Basic medical care, in addition to Airline Tickets, Recreational Facilities, Relocation Allowance, Severance Pay, and remarkable Service Bonuses.


Education and Development

  •  Career Planning and development. 
  • Continuing professional development. 
  • Personal and professional opportunities 
  • Opportunities for attendance at professional association meetings, conferences and seminars.


  • Full medical care coverage. 
  • Free occupational health service and vaccination programs. 
  • Dental care coverage limited to emergency.


24 hour security personnel all around the hospital & accommodation compounds Gated housing compounds with armed security and concrete barriers, cameras around the periphery for protection assurance.

 Work-life Balance

  • Free fully furnished western-standard housing accommodation consisting of “Private
    Room” with free utilities
  • Opportunities for travel, rest and relaxation and enjoy the 55day annual leave per year
  • Excellent recreational facilities for staff
  • Employee Social Club Membership of SAR25 a month
  • Free-to-air channels.

 Recreational Facilities

  • Tennis, Squash, Basketball and Volleyball Courts (in the pipeline – Badminton Courts)
  • Swimming Pool – heated in some of the housing units
  • State-of-the-art Gymnasium with personalized trainer, if required. Access to the gymnasium is through subscription to the access control system, so it is absolutely private.
  • Personalized Training Program for Tennis, Swimming, Zumba, Badminton, Taekwondo.
  • Fitness and wellness program like Upper & Lower Body Solution, Power House Pilates, Fusion, Yoga, etc.
  • Recreational visits to the Red Sand Dunes, Riyadh Tour, Edge of the World, Camel Souq, Overnight Camping, Horseback Riding, etc.
  • Organized trips through the Employee Social Club.
  • Annual Exhibitions & Bazaars.
  • Pilgrimages (for Muslims).
  • Community Halls available for hire to all Hospital employees for private functions
  • Al Thomamah Park Tents for rental during the winter months October – April.

 Employee Assistance Program

  • Varied and healthy meals at subsidized prices at KFSH&RC staff cafeterias (5 US Dollars per meal).
  • Discounted pricing at Family Dining.
  • Free uniforms and uniform laundering (possibility of increasing 4 sets and additional uniforms the following year).
  • Free shuttle service to and from housing to the hospital.
  • Free shuttle service for daily scheduled shopping trips for grocery and
    high-end malls.

Retail Outlets within KFSH&RC

  • Beauty
  • Beauty Salon, Nail & Spa Salon & Barber Shop
  • Gift Shop
  • Jewelry
  • Whites Beauty Pharmacy
  • Employee Social Club Souvenir & Gift Shop
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning
  • Transport
  • Anfal Limousine & Car Rental

  • Java

  • Annt Annie
  • Delmonte 
  • Food & Beverages
  • Mini Market
  • Confectionary/Sweet Shop
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Kudu
  • Three Dr. Café shops
  • Technology
  • iStore
  • Electronic Shop
  • Subway

Personal Care Employee Benefits & Discounted Services through Employee Social Club (ESC)

  • Credit & discounted purchased.
  • Interest free loan dependent on ESC.
  • Discounts at various Dental Care Centers around Riyadh.
  • Discount offers (15% - 20%) at various food and beverage outlets around Riyadh.
  • Easy access to home-delivery due to the close proximity of KFSH&RC to all the fast food outlets.
  • Free shuttle service to well-known hypermarkets/grocery stores.
  • ADSL Internet Service at SAR 200 a month.
  • TV Satellite Cable System with a minimum subscription of SAR125 a month – look into social club, audiovisual and housing.
  • Free wifi in common area within the hospital premises.
  • On-site AlRajhi Bank (considered the world’s largest Islamic Bank), catering to your individual banking requirements, e-transfer facilities to your home account, easy conversion of Saudi Riyals to different available currencies and 10 ATM outlets located strategically around the hospital.
  • On-site Travel agency to meet your every outbound destination needs.
  • Saudia Airlines boarding facility.
  • Meet & greet all employees on arrival – introductory to the country.
  • Al Ma’ather Cave Park (King Abdulaziz Memorial Park) which has a lagoon, tower, grass area, children playground, water fountain, landscaping, outdoor picnics, etc.

Earn additional benefits

Leave Time

All employees are eligible to 55 annual leave days per service, calculated at the accrued rate of 4.5 calendar days per month.

Airline Tickets

As an International employee of the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, you are entitled to both Initial Hire and Repatriation tickets to and from your point of origin. On a two (2) year services contract, you are entitled to a free round trip annual leave ticket to your point of origin.


As an employee of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, you are entitled to receive either free Hospital housing or housing allowance. No duplication of benefits is allowed.

Completion of Service Year Bonus

Employees on a two (2) year contract are eligible to receive a completion of service year bonus equaling to a one (1) month’s basic salary every year thereafter depending on eligible job title. This service year bonus is calculated on the employee's current basic salary at the end of the contract term before renewal.

Severance Pay

Severance benefit is provided at the time of final separation from the Hospital, and is calculated on the employees’ daily rate of compensation covering basic salary, housing & transportation allowance. Accrual of the severance benefit is based on 15 days for each of the first four (4) years of continuous service and then 30 days for each subsequent year of continuous service.

Education Assistance

The Hospital offers education assistance to both Saudi Nationals and expatriates depending on the job title eligibility. The amount of education assistance is based on the position and grade of the employee.

Business Leave

The Hospital offers employees the opportunity to apply for Business Leave within the Hospital Policy to perform work-related functions or to receive additional training on specific methods, procedures, or equipment which will facilitate the continued operation of the Hospital.

Professional Leave

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre maintains a culture of continuous education & training for its own workforce. Therefore, all employees are encouraged to keep themselves abreast of latest findings to enhance their skills and knowledge in the area of their expertise.