Recruitment Process

 We are always on the lookout for highly skilled people who share our values to fill our upcoming vacancies.

Use our job search facility to find the most suitable position for you. A job description and list of essential and preferred requirements are given for each job.


Vacant Jobs

Once you have identified the right role for you, simply apply for the position online by submitting your CV or Resume through our web page. You will be asked to register and this will mean creating a username and password.

Make sure that you DO the following:

  • Do not leave any blanks in the Application Form
  • Upload your updated CV with detailed information of cases handled, equipment used and ensure that it is comprehensive, clear & error-free.

Personal Information

  1. Name (as written in your passport)
  2. Gender
  3. Nationality(s) (present and past)
  4. Marital status and number of dependents
  5. Residential address
  6. Date of birth/age
  7. Contact telephone numbers
  8. Languages
  9. Professional license/s and registration/s (if applicable)

Educational Background

  1. Start with the highest degree obtained
  2. Name of institution
  3. Name of course
  4. Course duration
  5. Course dates (Month and Year)
  6. Date of graduation

Employment History

  1. Begin with the most recent job held over the past ten (10) years
  2. Provide a brief overview of jobs held more than ten (10) years ago
  3. Please include an explanation for any gap in employment
  4. If you have worked in different roles/departments during your time with one employer,
    describe each role separately
  5. If you have worked as a temporary/agency employee, please state the number of hours
    worked per week
  6. Specify the following:
    1. Start date (month and year)
    2. End date (month and year)
    3. Reason for leaving
    4. Employer name and type
    5. If you were employed by a hospital, note whether it is public, private, teaching, whether it provided acute and/or tertiary services with the number of bed capacity
    6. Job title, grade/level and type of employment (full/part-time)
    7. If part-time, state the number of hours per week
    8. Ward/Unit/Department Information
    9. For a hospital/medical unit explain the type and size of unit/service, bed numbers, case mix, and patient demographic (adult or pediatric)
    10. Managerial/supervisory experience (where relevant)
    11. Extended roles (where relevant)

Once the application has been received, a preliminary review will be done to ensure that it meets our requirements. Applicants who do not meet the requirements will be notified.

Applicants who have been shortlisted will be asked to take the English Language Competency Test (ELCT) for both local and international applicants. However, applicants with valid IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or equivalent International standardized English test and achieved a score of at least 5.5 and above out of 9 will be exempted to take the ELCT.

Local applicants will be asked to take the ELCT at the Local Recruitment Office, whereas international applicants who are non-native English speakers will be asked to take the exam through the assigned recruitment agency.

Certain Managerial and other key positions will be asked to undergo psychometric tests to assess knowledge and behavioral skills based on the job requirements.

The file will then be sent to the Hiring Manager of the Department for their review and a shortlist of exceptional applicants will be created for interview.

The interview and selection process will vary depending on the position you have applied for.

Candidates will be contacted to prepare for an interview:

First interview

The purpose of the interview will be to review your application and discuss the career opportunities. We are looking for highly qualified individuals who share with the hospital’s vision and values. We believe that interviewing should always be a two-way process, so questions are gladly entertained.
There are cased wherein and offer of employment is given after the first interview. So make sure you prepare well for interviews.

Second interview

If needed, a second interview will be carried out by telephone or video call or, in some cases, face-to-face. This is an opportunity for both parties to know more about the position and the candidate.

Site visit/assessment

You may be asked to attend a site visit and to participate in further interviews/assessments. This can be an excellent opportunity for you to get a feel for what it will be like to work at KFSH&RC and to discover more about Saudi Arabia.


We will surely inform the candidate once found suitable for the position or if the outcome of the selection process is accepted and after all interviews for the position has been conducted.

f your application is successful, the position will be offered. What happens when an offer has been made?

Once the offer of employment has been done, you need to supply us with the documents necessary to complete the file checklist and to secure a work visa. This process may take from one month to 45 days.