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Job Title Department/Section Location Branch Apply by
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT IAdmin Section -M - Medical And Clinical Affairs Department -M External JobMadinah13/05/2021
ASSISTANT BUYER, PURCHASINGMedical Supplies Section External JobRiyadh07/05/2021
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT, ANESTHESIOLOGYGeneral Anesthesia Section External JobJeddah25/10/2021
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT, HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGYAdmin Section - Medical Affairs Department External JobRiyadh15/03/2022
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT, HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGYAdult Hematology - Hsct Section External JobJeddah19/01/2022
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT, MEDICAL ONCOLOGYMedical Oncology Section External JobJeddah08/03/2022
AUDIOLOGISTSpeech Therapy Unit External JobJeddah10/05/2021
CONSULTANT, ANESTHESIOLOGYGeneral Anesthesia Section External JobJeddah10/05/2021
EXPEDITER IIIExpediting Section External JobRiyadh07/05/2021
GENERAL MECHANIC IIMechanical Section External JobRiyadh13/05/2021
HEAD NURSELabor And Delivery Section External JobJeddah10/05/2021
MANAGER, NON-INVASIVE CARDIOLOGY LABORATORYNon Invasive Cardiology Lab Section -M External JobMadinah16/05/2021
MANAGER, PHARMACEUTICAL PLANNINGAdmin Section -M - Supply Chain Management - Madinah Department -M External JobMadinah12/05/2021
MEDICAL TECHNOLOGISTHematology Section - Pathology & Laboratory Medicin Department External JobRiyadh13/05/2021
MRI TECHNOLOGISTRadiology Section -M External JobMadinah19/05/2021
OPHTHALMIC ASSISTANT IOphthalmology Section -M External JobMadinah21/08/2021
PROJECT MANAGER, ELECTRICALAdmin Section -M - Engineering, Utilities And Maintenance Department -M External JobMadinah13/05/2021
SENIOR MRI TECHNOLOGISTRadiology Section -M External JobMadinah19/05/2021
SENIOR TECHNOLOGIST, GENERAL RADIOGRAPHYRadiology Section -M External JobMadinah19/05/2021
SPECIALIST PHYSICIANNeurology Section External JobRiyadh12/05/2021
STAFF NURSE IDental Clinic Section - Ambulatory Care Nursing Department External JobRiyadh10/05/2021
STAFF NURSE ICardiac Surgery Icu Section External JobJeddah13/10/2021
STAFF NURSE IMedical North Section External JobJeddah02/10/2021
STAFF NURSE IOncology Section - Nursing General Services Department External JobJeddah16/09/2021
STAFF NURSE ISurgical Icu Section External JobJeddah16/08/2021
STAFF NURSE IIIArt Clinic Section External JobJeddah31/08/2021
STAFF NURSE IIIOncology Clinic Section External JobJeddah29/05/2021
STAFF NURSE IIIMedical North Section External JobJeddah18/05/2021
STAFF NURSE IIIOb - Gynecology Section External JobJeddah13/07/2021
TECHNOLOGIST, RADIOGRAPHYRadiology Section -M External JobMadinah19/05/2021
ULTRASOUND TECHNOLOGISTRadiology Section -M External JobMadinah19/05/2021
ULTRASOUND TECHNOLOGISTRadiology - Kaco&Ld Section External JobRiyadh12/05/2021
No vacant jobs.