1. HPI Taxonomy
  2.  Universal Skills for Error prevention tools
  3.  Leadership High Reliability for Leaders Training Reference Guide

Patient Safety/ Risk Management

1. PS/RM Plan

2. PS/RM Committee

3. Reporting and Management of Incidents (APP 1434- 01)

4. Sentinel Event Proces


Shared Lesson Learned

  1. Safety Stories
  2. Shared Lesson
  3. Learned Great catch
  4. Special Lessons
  5. learned SPSC Safety Events/Alert.

PS Framework Towards Excellence

  1. Second victim Initiative
  2. 2. Second Victim Support Team Contact Information (J)
  • JC initiative


Quality Learning Portal

  • QIS
  1. Severity Assessment Code (SAC) Matrix
  2. Incident workflow 
  3. E guide of reporting
  4.  Near miss video
  5.  Fall video 6. QIS tips
  • General
  1. Action Hierarchy and required Evidences
  2.  List of Sentinel Events
  3.  How to request report in service hub (R)



Activities and Events

World Patient Safety Day


Patient Safety Culture Survey

Patient Safety Culture Survey Reports 2021, 2022 etc..