Significant Achievements


The annual report of the General Organization of KFSH&RC highlights the key achievements of the hospital in order to provide the highest level of specialized health care to the people in an integrated educational and research environment. The most important achievements for the year 1440H/1441H (2019 CE): are:


The hospital has always endeavored to raise its capacity to provide specialized medical services to the people. The total number of beds in the organization is 1,934 in each of the main hospitals in Riyadh and Jeddah, marking an increase of 4.4% compared with the previous year. Of these, 1,108 beds are in inpatient wings, 238 beds in intensive care, and 588 beds for the single-day treatment.


Organ transplantation programs for the year 1440H/1441H (2019 CE):

Total No. of transplants: 1,676

Transplants carried out for: Liver, heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, bone grafts, stem cells, small intestine, and cornea, marking an increase of 14.8% compared with the previous year.



Organ Transplantation Programs

There has been a phenomenal increase in the number of organ transplants in the hospital. The total number of transplants is 1,676 as of now (of the liver, heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, bone grafts, stem cells, small intestine, and cornea), indicating an increase of 14.8% compared with the previous year. The results are comparable with the most advanced transplantation centers in the world.


Heart transplantation: A total of 38 heart transplants were performed, representing an increase of 58.3% compared with the previous year, including 12 heart transplants for children. The heart transplantation program of the hospital is unique, as it is the only active heart transplantation program for children in the whole of Kingdom. It is worth noting that heart transplantation program is in the top 10% of international heart transplantation programs.


Liver transplantation: A total of 186 liver transplants were performed during the year, marking an increase of 20% compared with the previous year. 27 liver transplants were performed with organs from deceased donors.


Lung transplantation: The hospital performed 38 lung transplants. This marks an increase of 8.6% compared with the previous year. The organization's lung transplantation program is the only one in the Kingdom. The program was developed using the most advanced methods of transplantation to suit the condition of each patient and applying the latest technologies available for lung perfusion devices. This has resulted in the increase in the number of lung transplants. It is worth mentioning that KFSH&RC performed the first Coronary Artery Bypass Graft operation (CABG) and the first simultaneous mitral valve replacement and bilateral lung transplant.


Pancreatic transplantation: A total of 5 successful pancreatic transplants were performed during the year, representing a decrease of 16. % compared with the previous year.


Bone grafting: A total of 528 bone grafting operations were carried out in the hospital. This represented an increase of 31% compared with the previous year with a success rate of 100%. KFSH&RC ranked among the top 6 of centers reporting to Centre for International Blood & Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR). The KFSH&RC is the only national bone bank and source of bone grafts for all patients in the Kingdom.


Stem cell transplantation: The hospital successfully carried out 183 stem cell transplants for adults with an increase of 7%, and 150 stem cell transplants for children with an increase of 0.7% compared with the previous year. 155 units of umbilical cord blood were collected in the cord blood stem cell bank this year (a 51% decrease from 2018, which was mainly due to changing the acceptance criteria).


Kidney transplantation: With an increase of 4.8% compared with the previous year, the hospital successfully performed 239 kidney transplants. Furthermore, 37 paired donor kidney transplants were performed, representing 18% of the total kidney transplants are from alive donors, and 33 kidney transplants were performed with organs from deceased donors. The paired kidney transplantation program is considered the largest single center worldwide.


Intestine transplantation: A total of 1 successful Intestine transplantation was performed during the year, representing a decrease of 75 % compared with the previous year.


Genetic Medicine Program

The total number of therapy sessions in the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) program reached 473 this year, marking an increase of 50.64% compared with the previous year. The percentage of positive pregnancy testing was 39%. 254 genetic heart disease cases were diagnosed this year among 91 families, who were treated for their cases while the rest of their family is followed up through the heart center.



Program for diagnosis and treatment of fetuses

This year, a total of 847 diagnostic and therapeutic procedures during pregnancy were performed as part of the diagnosis and treatment of the fetus program, representing an increase of 21% compared with the previous year. A total of 361 cases were diagnosed with fetal heart disease, indicating an increase of 12.8% compared with the previous year.


The Cardiovascular Program

The Cardiovascular Program has become one of the advanced programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region, where it successfully began using the new Branched Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair (BEVAR) and Fenestrated Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair (FEVAR) technology to repair thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysm.



Oncology Centers

The oncology centers of the organization are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and provide all surgical, medical, and radiological treatments: A total of 62,340 sessions of chemotherapy were offered, representing a decrease of 16.7% compared with the previous year. Similarly, 310,718 sessions of biomedical treatment were provided during the reporting period. The number of radiotherapy sessions for cancer patients was 83,343, indicating an increase of 19% compared with the previous year.


Neurosciences Program

The Neurosciences Program offers facilities and services for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of neurological diseases and neurosurgical procedures. The hospital has performed 563 surgeries, 338 surgeries for cancer and tumors (including those at the base of skull and padding of the vasculature), 51 surgeries for pituitary gland, 64 Surgeries for movement disorders, and 110 Surgeries for epilepsy.


Advanced Home Medical Care Programs


Home Ventilation Therapy Program

KFSH&RC has one of the largest artificial respiratory programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The total number of active patients this year was 39 patients, an increase of 11.4% over last year.


Home Renal Dialysis Program

The Hospital offers Home Renal Dialysis Program to care for patients with chronic conditions. 1,909 home renal dialysis sessions were performed during the year, marking a rise of 89% over last year.


Home Care Program

The Home Health Care Program continued its success and is currently caring for approximately 516 patients, from which 209 were transferred this year from inpatient to the home care program. Home care includes a telephone consultation service and a patient visit when needed 24/7. 82 patients provided home care advice by telephone outside of working hours. 70 patients received a home care visit outside of working hours.


Global Accreditations and Recognitions

The organization continued to receive accreditations, recognitions, and awards from local, regional, and international institutions and agencies, most notably the re-accreditation of the main hospital in Riyadh by the Joint Commission for International Accreditation of Health Entities as an Academic Medical Center.

In 2019, the Organization has received new international accreditations, and renewed 6 international accreditations, bringing the total international and local accreditations relevant for this year to 21 in the medical and operational fields.


Health Outreach Services:

Through the Health Outreach Services, KFSH&RC provided extended medical care and provided training opportunities to the Ministry of Health hospitals. Medical care was accessible to rural or remote areas through remote consultation using telemedicine / teleconference methodologies, which provided rapid access to patients’ medical records and accurate diagnosis. Health outreach services and telemedicine provided by KFSH&RC increased in 2019.

The number of patients examined was 10,385, an increase of 87.6% over last year. 512 Outreach surgeries were performed marking a decrease of 47.1% compared with the previous year. The total number of local telemedicine medical consultations reached 1,238 consultations, making an increase of 21% compared with the previous year. 98 international medical consultations were requested, representing an increase of 10.1% compared with the previous year.



KFSH&RC contributed to the development of specialized medical services by providing general and subspecialty medical programs for physicians from the Kingdom, GCC, and other countries. KFSH&RC is committed to providing the best quality of patient healthcare by investing in its staff and the future generations of physicians. This commitment is reflected by the number of training, scholarships, and educational initiatives offered each year.


The organization added 4 residency programs in the general specializations offered by the hospital, bringing the total to 30 training programs affiliated with the Saudi Board Certificate and approved by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. It also added 1 fellowship program for the exact specializations provided by the hospital, bringing the total to 71 training programs, affiliated with the programs of the specialization certificate approved by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. The total number of residents is 559, an increase of 12%, and the total number of fellows is 242, an increase of 13%. Moreover, the total number of graduated residents is 82, an increase of 6%, and the total number of graduated fellows is 118, an increase of 17%.


In Jeddah branch, the total number of residency programs is 25 training programs and the total number of the fellowship programs is 25 training programs. The total number of residents is 260, an increase of 18%, and the total number of fellows is 47, an increase of 15%. Moreover, the total number of graduated residents is 32, an increase of 10%, and the total number of graduated fellows is 14, an increase of 56%,


KFSH&RC established the Simulation Center with the goal of improving skills and training quality. The Simulation Center is a milestone in using cutting edge technology and will have a tremendous impact on developing practitioners’ skills and providing quality of services to patients.


It was agreed to grant scholarship to 83 employees including 60 physicians, 20 employees pursuing a master’s degree, and 3 employees pursuing a PhD degree.







KFSH&RC published research articles in multiple medical and healthcare topics, including those related to genetic diseases, immunology, cancer, infectious diseases, and autism. The total number of scientific research articles published in print or online in 2019 was 648, and the lifetime article citation rate for KFSH&RC increased to 22.47 citations per article.


The Research Centre obtained 4 patents from North America, Europe and Japan. Additionally, the Research Centre completed the Emerging Radiopharmaceuticals Production for Delivering Precision Medicine sub-initiative. Consequently, the new radiopharmaceuticals — Gallium68- DOTATATE, Gallium68- PSMA, and Lu177— will be available for diagnostic use.


The number of published researches during 2019 by KFSH&RC reached 575, all of which have been published in reputable international periodicals. The reference citation rate for KFSH&RC increased to 22.47 citations for each research, which is close to the highest American rate of 24.66 and exceeding both the general average of citations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is 10.65, and the global average, which is 14.45 citations for each research.




KFSH&RC accomplished significant achievements through its Healthcare Information Technology Affairs (HITA) and through the cooperation with Yesser’s e-government program to enable nationalization and digital transformation.


KFSH&RC was able to achieve level – 6 of analytical maturity from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). KFSH&RC is the first health organization outside the USA to obtain this. KFSH&RC is also among three international health organizations, of which two obtained level – 7 in the framework of an evaluation system consisting of eight levels (which starts from zero and ends at the seventh, which is the highest). KFSH&RC achieved high levels of maturity in the eighth session of the government digital transformation measurement program, where it obtained 88.36% in the comprehensive evaluation of the level of transformation. KFSH&RC obtained the platinum level in the MARSAD assessment for digital services in government organization. As a result of KFSH&RC’s focus on health information technology, it obtained the following:



• Family Medicine HIMSS O-EMRAM – Reaccreditation


HITA continues to focus on the Patient Journey by challenging its current digital footprint to positively disrupt healthcare norms. Its digital focus is built around the patient experience by ensuring staff are able to deliver care in an automated, attentive and efficient manner.


KFSH&RC accomplished significant achievements in the implementation of its expansion projects. Such projects increase the accommodation capacities and meet the demands of the specialized medical care sector. Several projects relate to infrastructure and general maintenance updates that ensure high quality performance of the facilities. Mega Projects Department at KFSH&RC handles all the firsthand and huge structures required to be built for the Hospital’s expansion of services.


Amongst the existing Mega Projects are:

  • The Private Suite Project
  • Annex Building to the King Abdullah Center for Oncology and Liver Diseases
  • The project of building a comprehensive clinic for family medicine
  • Palm Villas Project (PV4)
  • Parking Building & Site Works– Phase 2
  • The Private Wing
  • King Faisal Hospital Madinah
  • The KFSH&RC-Jeddah Mega Expansion Project