Transformation Program


The Transformation Program will provide the key to unlocking our future, helping the organization to become a not-for-profit Independent Foundation. This will provide the autonomy and flexibility needed to develop our existing services and resources and explore new opportunities. Importantly, as an Independent Foundation, we will be able to use any surpluses we generate for the benefit of the organization.


At the heart of Transformation lies a commitment to improving patient care. The Transformation Program will change working practices across the organization in research, academia, IT, finance, administration and human resources and our commitment to the patient will be reinforced. Our goal is to create a world-leading healthcare organization, one that offers high standards of safety and patient experience.


Transforming KFSH&RC will unlock its potential to deliver more to our patients, citizens and to healthcare locally and globally....


As noted by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, First Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Council for Economic and Development Affairs and Minister of Defense, KFSH&RC will lead the way in terms of transforming into a not-for-profit Independent Foundation:

"We’re focusing very strongly on the development of the non-profit sector. I can assure you that most wealthy families in Saudi Arabia have a very strong desire to do non-profit work but they have not found the suitable environment and appropriate regulations that will protect their money. We’re looking to the non-profit sector to support education, culture, health, and research. There are opportunities to convert some companies into non-profit enterprises such as King Faisal Specialist Hospital. There has also been a plan mooted to do so with King Saud University.”


The transformation program will run in parallel of business-as-usual and should remain separate from normal operations.Hence, the transformation program will not involve expansion of current workforce and programs for implementation but will offer support in training and equipment provision when needed.


Transformation program and initiatives

As part of this KSA Vision 2030 and the NTP 2020 program, KFSH&RC is undergoing a large transformation - to become a self-sustainable Not-for-Profit Independent Foundation. The transformation program is aligned with the strategic vision of the organization is to become a world leader in healthcare through excellence and innovation. There are four main initiatives under the transformation program:



  • Creating legal and financial systems to support the target state

    The legal entity setup of the corporation is a crucial step in the transformation journey of KFSF&RC to a Not for Profit Independent Foundation. The objective of this initiative is to put in place the key requirements that are necessary for KFSH&RC to commence its journey towards corporatization. 


  • Change legal status to a Not-for-Profit Independent Foundation

    Dependent on Healthcare financing sector reform and the readiness of KFSH&RC to stand alone as a Not for Profit Independent Foundation the final stage of transformation will require transfer of the General Organization shares to a newly created Independent Foundation.  


  • Changes in internal organization, processes, technology & people systems

    The Operational transformation initiative, constituting the bulk of the Transformation program, will transform back and front office functions to achieve private sector efficiencies and productivity whilst improving patient experience and satisfaction through sustained improvement in clinical safety and quality.



  • Working with private sector players to create outsourcing agreements, JV’s, PPP’s and other commercial opportunities

    Increased PSP across all sectors of industry is one of the main drivers of the government to diversify the economy and decrease the dependence of oil based revenues.




External and Internal Governance

 External Governance of the Transformation Program

KFSH&RC is undergoing a major transformation - to become a self-sustaining not-for-profit Independent Foundation. Our transformation plans reflect the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and have been informed through engagement with a large cross-section of the KFSH&RC community. We have worked to define .....



Frequently Asked Questions


 Why do we need to Transform?

In response to the strategic direction set out by The Kingdom’s Vision 2030, KFSH&RC has embarked on a large scale Transformation Program. One of Vision 2030’s key aims is to develop a: ‘healthcare sector that promotes competition and transparency among providers. This will enhance the capability, efficiency, and productivity of care and treatment and increase the options available to our citizens.....



 Vision 2030 Alignments

 All of the strategic objectives, goals, and directions of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC) have been aligned to meet the goals and themes of Saudi Vision 2030.