Engagement Plan Initiatives:

  • Change Management & Communications Current State Assessment: interview key stakeholders to help assess the current state of the organization with respect to changes expected to occur after the transformation.
  • Transformation vision, mission & objective: Identifying the vision, mission and objectives of the transformation program.
  • Change Management & Communications approach: Present change management & communications overall plan in Riyadh and Jeddah in workshop style.
  • One to One Meeting: one to one meeting with executives and senior leaders to build a connection between the Change Management Plan and their departments.
  • Transformation Grand Rounds: To spread awareness and provide the latest information on the transformation as well as answer employee questions.
  • Transformation Booth: To serve as one of the communication tools for all transformation and change management initiatives.
  • Transformation website: For easy access to the latest information on transformation and change management.
  • Light up your ideas: The hub for employee innovative ideas to be publically displayed and then implemented.
  • Change Agents: Recruiting employees from different departments to serve as a link to support the change management plan across entire organization
  • CTO Video: Short videos on transformation and change management for internal purposes.
  • The Butterfly Effect: short motivational talks conducted by our employees
  • Transformation roadmap: assess individual departments to develop tailored change roadmaps for transformation purposes (as a result of the change impact analysis)
  • Organizational Culture Change workshop: conduct large scale workshops for all organization employees to engage them in the process of reforming the organizational culture, to educate KFSH&RC staff on organizational strategy and to create relatability of the organization strategy for daily implementation