Light Up Your Idea

“Light up your idea” (LUYI) is an open platform and opportunity for carefully selected employees to share their ideas on specific topics with the entire organization. The participants are mentored from the moment they are selected and throughout the entire journey to event day. The purpose of LUYI is to give opportunities for our staff to voice their innovative ideas in an open platform.

Striving for Excellence

Amina Gaddourah

Senior Coordinator, Education Services

Training & Development Division - Riyadh, T&D

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Butterfly Effect

Balgees Al-Ghamdi

Research Technician

Molecular Oncology Department - Riyadh, DMO

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Getting Personal with us

Bedour Almudaiheem

Senior Medical Technologist, Cytogenetics - Pathology And Laboratory Medicin Department - Riyadh

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Patient Visitation Rounds 

Faris Abo Melha
Research Assistant - Genetics Department – Riyadh

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Life Success Story

Khalid Alenazi
Supervisor, Registration and Appointment - Registration, Appointments & Admission Services Department – Riyadh

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Ideas Hub Application

Midrar Alhossiny
Senior Medical Technologist - Pathology And Laboratory Medicine Department - Riyadh

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Answers Will Keep Changing 

Meshari Alwazae
Manager, Data And Information Management- Data And Analytics Services Department - Riyadh

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Saif Almutaeri
Clinical Nutrition Coordinator- Nutrition Services Department – Riyadh

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Let's Walk

Suad Alsoghayer
Clinical Research Coordinator- Family Medicine & Polyclinics Department – Riyadh

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Reading Hub

Turki Bin Snaid
Public Relations Officer- Corporate Communications Division – Riyadh

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Change Management Change Agents