Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do we need to Transform?
  2. What is a “Not-for-Profit Independent Foundation”?
  3. What is the CTO?
  4. What are the objectives of the Transformation program?
  5. How will this change happen?
  6. Tell me more about the Corporatization stage?
  7. How long will Transformation take?
  8. How will patients pay for their treatment?
  9. Who will deliver the Transformation Program?
  10. How can I find out more about the initiatives?


1. Why do we need to Transform?

In response to the strategic direction set out by The Kingdom’s Vision 2030, KFSH&RC has embarked on a large scale Transformation Program. One of Vision 2030’s key aims is to develop a: ‘healthcare sector that promotes competition and transparency among providers. This will enhance the capability, efficiency, and productivity of care and treatment and increase the options available to our citizens.

To achieve this goal we will introduce corporatization into the sector by transferring the responsibility for healthcare provision to a network of public companies that compete both against each other and against the private sector’ KFSH&RC is responding to this call and will therefore need to move away from our current reliance on government funding.

Through the Transformation we will become a “Not-for-profit Independent Foundation” one that will generate its own income and become financially self- sustaining. Importantly, in raising the standard of care we will embrace constant improvement and excellence across all our services.

The Transformation will unlock our potential to deliver more to our patients, citizens and to healthcare locally and globally.


What is a “Not-for-Profit Independent Foundation”?


Some of the most prestigious healthcare organizations in the world operate as Not-for-Profit organizations. In the US, The Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic provide two of the many examples. Across northern Europe, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands all have a well-developed structure of healthcare organizations that work as not for profit enterprises.

Not-for-Profit organizations are mission-driven rather than being financially-driven. However, a Not-for-Profit organization will still require self-sustainability, all surpluses (profits) remaining in the organization and reinvested in the business for constant improvement of services.

To be successful as a Not-for-Profit Independent Foundation, KFSH&RC will need to invest time and money to ensure that we realize the full potential of our services. we will have the autonomy and flexibility to develop our existing services and explore new opportunities. Importantly, we will be able to reinvest any surpluses that we generate back into the organization for constant upgrade of our services to the benefit of our patients and the community.


What is the CTO?


The Corporate Transformation Office (CTO) is a dedicated team, reporting to Dr. Majid Al Fayyadh, Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Hassan El Solh, Chief Transformation Officer, is accountable for the delivery of the Transformation Program and is supported by delivery directors located in Riyadh and Jeddah.

The CTO should ensure timely and effective decision-making, involve the right people and use the right information to carry out their transformational initiatives at a consistent high quality, whilst ensuring that improving patient and staff experience is at the forefront of the Program’s objectives.

Staff from the CTO are meeting with teams to discuss the plans for Transformation. They are also happy to meet individual employees who may have staff specific questions about the plans. The “Talking Transformation” meetings are free for staff to attend and more information can be found here.



What are the objectives of the Transformation program?


The transformation program’s main objectives are:

  • To maintain and enhance patient safety and quality during the transformation
  • To achieve a successful transition toward Independent Foundation status, at the earliest possible date
  • To ensure efficient and effective use of transformation funds to maximize value delivered
  • To effectively manage the inter-dependencies with the ongoing healthcare sector reforms
  • To promote a culture of transparency and accountability across the organization
  • To improve patient and staff experience


How will this change happen?


Reaching our goal of becoming a Not-for-profit Independent Foundation will happen in stages and will require a change in KFSH&RC’s legal entity structure (subject to enacting legislation i.e. Government approval).

There are three main stages:

  • General Organization (GO); the current state
  • A transition stage (Corporatization) where we will become a Corporation owned by the GO. During this time, the ownership of KFSH&RC will remain with the Government so ensuring financial security; the transition state
  • Not for profit Independent Foundation (IF); the end state


Tell me more about the Corporatization stage?

Corporatization is a step towards our goal of becoming a not for profit Independent Foundation. This will require changes across the organization to bring about improvements in performance and efficiency that support the highest standards of patient care and experience.



How long will Transformation take?

Our goal is to become a not for profit Independent Foundation by 2022 that delivers the highest quality of tertiary healthcare services and is financially self-sustaining. This can’t happen overnight and will require changes in KFSH&RC’s legal entity structure, our ways of working across the organization and with our partners across the healthcare sector in the Kingdom.

We are still in the early stages of planning but some key developments have already happened:

  • CTO established
  • Legal entity being established
  • Initiatives kicked-off


How will patients pay for their treatment?


The government has assured they will continue to support tertiary care and will establish the proper mechanisms to do so.


Who will deliver the Transformation Program?


All staff will have a role to play in delivering a successful Transformation. To support this the organization has established the Corporate Transformation Office to act as a focal point for this important program.


How can I find out more about the initiatives?


We will be offering an overview of key initiatives in our monthly Transformation newsletter. In addition, a number of case studies will be shared on the website, describing changes that are being planned and how they will work to improve efficiency and patient care.



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