Operational Transformation


Operational Transformation

Changes in internal organization, processes, technology & people systems


The Operational transformation initiative, constituting the bulk of the Transformation program, will transform back and front office functions to achieve private sector efficiencies and productivity whilst improving patient experience and satisfaction through sustained improvement in clinical safety and quality. In line with The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud’s vision statement, "My first objective is for our country to be a pioneering and successful global model of excellence, on all fronts…", this initiative also aims to sustain KFSH&RC’s ranking as the number one regional healthcare provider and to become a role model in healthcare globally. This will be achieved by supporting KFSH&RC’s capacity to innovate and introduce state of the art medical and scientific practices and technologies. Research, training and academia will play a vital role in achieving this goal alongside increasing KFSH&RC’s clinical services whose outcomes are ranked number one globally.

The hospital also aims to become a "high reliability organization (HRO)" which is a new and revolutionary concept in the health care sector. The concept of "high reliability" exists in other industries whose obsession of avoidance of errors is core to their operations and can be observed by the way they organize themselves, from the way the governance is structured to the culture of the people who deliver on the frontline. NASA is an example of a HRO. Learning from other industries and transferring this concept to healthcare will reduce the rate of preventable harm in hospitals and it is evidenced that through improving quality of service delivery, significant savings will be also be realized.

In order to be prepared to adopt a provider-payer function through FFS/DRG the hospital must develop mature costing/pricing through driving efficiencies and industrializing and mastering the revenue cycle function.

The support services (finance, IT, HR, P&SC, clinical quality etc.) will undergo major transformations to enable improvements by the frontline staff and will result in increased efficiency and productivity leading to improved access to patients.



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