The Transformation Program will provide the key to unlocking our future, helping the organization to become a not-for-profit Independent Foundation. This will provide the autonomy and flexibility needed to develop our existing services and resources and explore new opportunities. Importantly, as an Independent Foundation, we will be able to use any surpluses we generate for the benefit of the organization.


At the heart of Transformation lies a commitment to improving patient care. The Transformation Program will change working practices across the hospital in research, academia, IT, finance, administration and human resources and our commitment to the patient will be reinforced. Our goal is to create a world-leading healthcare organization, one that offers high standards of safety and patient experience.


Transforming KFSH&RC will unlock its potential to deliver more to our patients, citizens and to healthcare locally and globally.... 


The transformation program will run in parallel of business-as-usual and should remain separate from normal operations. Hence, the transformation program will not involve expansion of current workforce and programs for implementation. 


Transformation Governance Frequently Asked Questions