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Imaging Physics Section


Operates high level of instrumentations/techniques within Laboratory/Core Facility; oversees the overall inventory; maintains Standard Operating Procedures under the guidance of the Head of the Laboratory/Core Facility; and trains and supervises students and junior technical staff. 

Additional Job Requirements:

Degree of Science in (or relevant to) InformationSystems.

Two (2) years of work experience with MOSAIQ and ARIARadiation Oncology Information Systems







Essential Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Directs daily operations of the high-throughput service/core facility including managing overall inventory.
  2. Provides preventative maintenance and performs complex troubleshooting for wide range of complex instrumentations.
  3. Keeps up to date with new techniques and scientific literature concerning high throughput technology.
  4. Designs and implements scientific protocols/procedures to ensure the high-throughput facility functions efficiently and on-budget. 
  5. Tests, calibrates and maintains instruments to ensure proper functioning, and adherence to best practice.
  6. Provides training to new and existing users.
  7. Maintains accurate records of tests performed, using computer-based systems.
  8. Follows all laboratory safety rules and regulations.
  9. Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.
  10. Participates in self and others’ education, training and development, as applicable.



Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree of Science from an accredited institution in a scientific discipline relevant to the research field is required.

Experience Required

Six (6) years of related experience with Master’s Degree or eight (8) years with Bachelor’s Degree is required.

Other Requirements(Certificates)

·         Evidence of excellent level of technical, managerial and computer skills, and accomplishments that need to be described and scored by his/her immediate supervisor in the Technical Scoring Form.

·         Proven records of presenting original data at least once in a national or international meeting.

·         Evidence of mentoring ability and supervisory skills to students, and technical staff.

·         Proof of working knowledge in safety measures such as biological, radiological, and/or chemical in form of certificates. If not available, then a letter from the immediate supervisor stating the candidate working knowledge in the relevant field.

·         Must be thoroughly familiar with methods and equipment.  Past experience must be directly related to job.  Demonstrated experience in a particular discipline.