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Sunday, 12 March 2023, 20 Shaban 1444


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Laundry Section


Performs operations which include sorting, pulling and extracting linen. Operates one or more machines used in finishing and pressing laundered linen, garments, drapes, uniforms and other Hospital articles. Folds and stores processed items. Delivers linen to various departments.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

1. Collects soiled linen from user departments taking care not to overload transport cart.

2. Knows what PPE is required, uses the PPE and knows how to place and remove it.

3. Sorts soiled linen into proper classifications with regard to fabric content, type of garment, etc.

4. Assists to set scale and weigh articles according to department IPP.

5. Assists the washman in loading/unloading washing machines.

6. Operates flat iron equipment to finish flatwork.

7. Operates packing folding machine.

8. Sorts and folds clean linen.

9. Sorts and inspects clean materials , setting aside any articles that may need re-cleaning, mending and patching or button replacement.

10. Assists in folding or hanging finished articles and delivers to uniforms area.


Intermediate School Education required. 

Experience Required

No experience  required 

Other Requirements(Certificates)

*Must be able to lift heavy objects.

*Ability to speak and write in English is preferred.