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Non Invasive Cardiology Lab Section


Works independently and ensures a safe and proper environment for testing in the Laboratory, on the wards, in the operating room, Cardiac Cath Lab, Emergency Room or any other area as required. Prepares the patient for the study, explains the procedure to the patient, puts the patient at ease and obtains any relevant medical information as required. Performs non-invasive cardiac testing such as but not limited to ECG, Holter monitoring, stress testing, pacemaker and ICD analysis, blood pressure monitoring and echocardiography. Recognizes and eliminates artefacts to produce meaningful diagnositc information which is presented to the physician for interpretation. Performs other duties as assigned.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

1.Independently performs non-invasive cardiac investigations such as but not limited to ECG, Holter monitoring, stress testing, pacemaker and ICD analysis, blood pressure monitoring, echocardiography procedures including Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) and Stress Echocardiography (SE). 

2.Calibrates and operates equipment as required.

3.Performs urgent procedures on critically ill patients portably on the wards, in the Operating Room (O.R.), Cardiac Cath Lab, ICUs, Emergency Room and any other location as requested and as required. 

4.Assists physicians with procedures in the Operating Room, Cardiac Cath Lab or any other setting as required.

5.Observes and monitors patients during procedures, notes signs of distress and/or medical emergencies, takes remedial action and notifies the nurse or/and physician as necessary.

6.Produces meaningful diagnostic information, obtains measured and calculated data and makes preliminary reports for review by the reporting physician.

7.Documents and logs all patient events and procedures.

8.Ensures a safe environment and safe operation of equipment.  Monitors equipment and reports any hazards or needs for repair and maintenance to Senior Cardiovascular Technologist or Manager.

9.Cleans and disinfects clinical equipment, following appropriate Laboratory policies, Hospital policies or manufacturer instructions.

10.Ensures procedure rooms are clean, tidy, and well stocked with supplies, linen and other necessary items. 

11.Participates in the on-call roster.

12.Understands sterile technique for Cardiac Cath Lab, O.R. and isolation patients.

13.Understands infection control policies.

14.Assists with emergency resuscitation procedures.

15.Follows all Non-Invasive Cardiology Lab and Hospital related policies and procedures.

16.Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.

17.Participates in self and others’ education, training and development, as applicable.


Bachelor’s Degree in Cardiovascular Technology or related discipline, or Graduate from an accredited program in cardiovascular technology, health science, cardiac ultrasound or health care field (two years) after High School required.

Experience Required

*Grade 08: Two (2) years of related experience with Bachelor’s Degree or three (3) years with Accredited Program required. Registration with relevant professional organization.

* Grade 09: Four (4) years of related experience in the assigned specialty as a Cardiovascular Technologist (Grade 8) at KFSH & RC.

Evaluation average of 4.3 or higher for the last four (4) years as a Grade 8 at KFSH & RC.

50 hours CME for the last four (4) years.

Other Requirements(Certificates)