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Care Ward B Section


As a member of the care delivery team, assists in the daily functioning of the unit/department in support of patient care. Contributes to the delivery of safe, patient and family focused quality care. Contributes to the successful achievement of the Nursing Affairs strategic goals.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

1. Provides safe patient care under the supervision of the SNl/SNll.

2. Assists in implementing nursing care plans as assigned.

3. Contributes to the achievement of clinical quality outcome indicators including patient satisfaction.

4. Upholds and applies the organizational values in order to provide quality patient care.

5. Provides direct assistance to patients as needed in meeting their personal hygiene needs, including but not limited to, bed baths/showering, dressing/undressing, toileting and oral hygiene.

6. Assists patients with eating and drinking and ensures fresh water is available for patients.

7. Assists in the movement and handling of patients including re-positioning bedridden patients and the mobilization of patients.

8. Monitors patient activities and reports all patient related information to the SNl/SNll correctly, appropriately and in a timely manner including unusual occurrences.

9. Measures and records the readings of temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates, oxygen saturation and food and fluid intake and output, height and weight as directed and inform the SNl/SNll of any abnormal recordings.

10. Accurately measures, empties and documents the content of urinary catheters and drains.

11. Documents all relevant information correctly, appropriately and in a timely manner.

12. Receives patient for admission and orientates the patient to the room/unit and services.

13. Prepares patients for procedures as directed, assists the physician and remains with the patient if required.

14. Collects specimens such as urine, feces or sputum as directed.

15. Provides comfort measures such as back care, head, foot and hand massage as needed.

16. Assists patients with preparations for prayer if needed.

17. Assists with bed making and preparing the room for the patient’s arrival and informing housekeeping following the patient's departure.

18. Participates in performance improvement activities, as assigned.

19. Participates in patient education programs, as assigned.

20. Answers patients’ call bells.

21. Assists with the transport of patients for tests and procedures.

22. Collects items or takes items from/to other areas, as directed.

23. Communicates effectively with patient/families and members of the healthcare team.

24. Demonstrates respect and dignity towards patients/families and co-workers of any culture at all times.

25. Actively welcomes patients/families & new staff to the assigned area and participates in retention activities.

26. Maintains confidentiality at all times.

27. Assists non-Arabic staff with Arabic translation when needed.

28. Demonstrates a steady improvement in English language skills.

29. Assists in the maintenance of a clean and tidy work environment including the proper disposal of waste.

30. Cleans and stores equipment and reports any equipment malfunction.

31. Assists in the maintenance of supplies including unpacking supplies.

32. Reports any safety and security issues to the SNl/SNll or Head Nurse.

33. Assists with reception duties, as required.

34. Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.

35. Assumes responsibility for own actions.

36. Participates in self and others' education, training and development, as applicable.


One (1) year Nursing Foundation Course preferred or International PCA Qualification or High School.

Experience Required

No experience required.

Other Requirements(Certificates)

- For KFSH&RC employees, minimum one year of experience as PCA/Ward Clerk required.

- Saudi Nationals preferred.