Jeddah Vacant Jobs

Job Title Department/Section Location Apply by
ANGIOGRAPHY / FLUOROSCOPY TECHNOLOGISTAngiography - Fluoroscopy Section External Job10/06/2018
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT NEUROLOGYPediatric Neurology Section External Job16/07/2018
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT, ANESTHESIOLOGYGeneral Anesthesia Section External Job19/07/2018
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT, PALLIATIVEPalliative Care Medicine Section External Job07/07/2018
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT, PEDIATRIC CRITICAL CAREPediatrics Critical Care Section External Job07/01/2019
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT, PEDIATRIC HEMATOLOGY / ONCOLOGYPediatric Hem - Onc - Stem Cell Transplantation Section External Job08/07/2018
ASSISTANT TUMOR REGISTRARResearch Unit Section External Job01/06/2018
CONSULTANT, ANATOMIC PATHOLOGYConsultants Section - Pathology And Lab Medicine Department External Job30/06/2018
CONSULTANT, MEDICAL ONCOLOGYMedical Oncology Section External Job08/07/2018
CONSULTANT, NEPHROLOGYNephrology Section External Job02/05/2019
CONSULTANT, NEPHROLOGYNephrology Section External Job31/05/2018
CONSULTANT, RADIOLOGYGeneral Radiology Section External Job12/07/2018
DENTAL ASSISTANT IIDental Clinic Section External Job01/07/2018
MANAGER DATA CENTER MANAGEMENTAdmin Section - Data Center Management Department External Job02/07/2018
MEDICAL PHYSICS TECHNICIAN IBiomedical Physics Section External Job04/06/2018
MEDICAL TECHNOLOGISTHematology Section External Job30/06/2018
MRI TECHNOLOGISTMri Services Section External Job02/06/2018
PHARMACIST IIInpatient Section - Med Critical Care Pharmacy Department External Job23/06/2018
PHYSICAL THERAPISTTherapists Section External Job09/06/2018
QUALITY COORDINATORAdmin Section - Medical And Clinical Affairs Department External Job27/12/2018
RADIOLOGY TECHNICIANClinical General Radiography Section External Job15/07/2018
SCIENTISTAdmin Section - Research Centre Department External Job21/07/2018
SENIOR CLINICAL SPECIALISTAdmin Section - Nursing General Services Department External Job30/06/2018
SPECIALIST, MEDICAL RECORDSRecords Management Section External Job15/07/2018
STAFF NURSE IProtocol Section External Job21/07/2018
STAFF NURSE ISurgical Section - Nursing General Services Department External Job19/07/2018
STAFF NURSE IHemodialysis Section External Job29/06/2018
STAFF NURSE ISaudization Program Section External Job22/07/2018
STAFF NURSE ICvt - Cardio Section External Job04/06/2018
STAFF NURSE IOncology Section - Nursing General Services Department External Job27/05/2018
STAFF NURSE IPediatric Oncology Section External Job15/07/2018
STAFF NURSE IInvasive Cardiology Lab Section External Job02/06/2018
STAFF NURSE ICoronary Care Unit Section External Job16/07/2018
STAFF NURSE INeonatal Icu Section External Job30/06/2018
STAFF NURSE ICardiac Surgery Icu Section External Job30/06/2018
STAFF NURSE IDay Procedure Clinic Section External Job15/07/2018
STAFF NURSE IEndoscopy Section External Job30/06/2018
STAFF NURSE IIIEmergency Services Section External Job01/07/2018
STAFF NURSE IIIOncology Section - Nursing General Services Department External Job01/07/2018
SUPERVISOR, TRANSPORTATION OPERATIONSTransportation Services Section External Job14/06/2018
No vacant jobs.