Jeddah Vacant Jobs

Job Title Department/Section Location Apply by
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT, PEDIATRIC CRITICAL CAREPediatrics Critical Care Section External Job27/05/2019
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT, PEDIATRIC CRITICAL CAREPediatrics Critical Care Section External Job07/01/2019
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT, PLASTIC SURGERYPlastic Surgery Section External Job03/08/2018
ASSISTANT CONSULTANT, UROLOGYUrology Section External Job03/08/2018
ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT, ANESTHESIOLOGYCardiothoracic Section External Job16/09/2018
CARDIOVASCULAR TECHNOLOGIST, NON-INVASIVENon Invasive Cardiology Lab Section External Job31/12/2018
CHIEF, CONTRACTS MANAGEMENTContracts Services Section External Job30/09/2018
CLINICAL DIETITIAN INutrition Services Section External Job06/09/2018
CLINICAL DIETITIAN IINutrition Services Section External Job26/08/2018
CONSULTANT, GASTROENTEROLOGYGastroenterology Section External Job19/08/2018
CONSULTANT, NEPHROLOGYNephrology Section External Job02/05/2019
CONSULTANT, OTOLARYNGOLOGYOtolaryngology - Head And Neck Surgery Section External Job03/08/2018
CONSULTANT, RHEUMATOLOGYRheumatology Section External Job27/08/2018
CONSULTANT, UROLOGYUrology Section External Job02/09/2018
MRI TECHNOLOGISTMri Services Section External Job29/07/2018
PHARMACIST IInpatient Section - Med Critical Care Pharmacy Department External Job24/08/2018
PHARMACIST IISatellite Pharmacy Section External Job04/08/2018
PHARMACIST IIIMain Ambulatory Pharmacy Section External Job14/09/2018
SENIOR CLINICAL ENGINEERAnalytical Imaging And Instrumentation Section External Job02/09/2018
STAFF NURSE IIIPediatric Ward Section External Job15/09/2018
STAFF NURSE IIIPediatric Oncology Section External Job09/09/2018
STAFF NURSE IIIMedical South Section External Job02/09/2018
SUPERVISOR, GENERAL RADIOGRAPHYClinical General Radiography Section External Job31/07/2018
SUPERVISOR, MRI SERVICESMri Services Section External Job31/07/2018
ULTRASOUND TECHNOLOGISTUltrasound Services Section External Job30/11/2018
No vacant jobs.