Undergraduate Non-Medical Education

Undergraduate Non-Medical Education


1. Internship Training Programs:

The Internship Training Program is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Also, designed for non-medical interns, who enrolled in academic institutions. The aim of these programs is to provide interns with fundamental and essential practical skills.


 Anesthesia Technology Section (Riyadh / Jeddah)

Clinical Audiology Department (Riyadh)

Clinical Engineering Department (Riyadh)

Clinical Genomics Department (Riyadh)

Clinical Nutrition Services Department (Riyadh / Jeddah)

Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (DPLM) (Riyadh / Jeddah)

Clinical Radiology Department (Riyadh / Jeddah)

Computational Sciences Department (Riyadh)

Dental Laboratory Section (Riyadh)

Emergency Department (Riyadh / Jeddah)

Heart Center - Cardiac Cath Laboratory (Riyadh)

Heart Center – Non-invasive Cardiology Laboratory (Riyadh / Jeddah)

Occupational Therapy Services Section (Jeddah)

Optometry Section (Riyadh)

Pharmaceutical Care Division (Riyadh / Jeddah)

Physical Therapy Department (Jeddah)

Respiratory Care Services Department (Jeddah)

Speech Language Pathology Department (Riyadh)

Supply Chain Management Department (Riyadh)

Translational Genomics Department (Riyadh)

Nursing General Services Department (Jeddah)

Financial Affairs Department (Riyadh)

Healthcare Information Technology Affairs (Riyadh)

Human Resource Services Division (Riyadh)

Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology Department (Riyadh)

Medical Records Services Department (Riyadh)

Office Services Department (Riyadh)

Social Services Department (Riyadh)

The Ambulatory care services department (Riyadh)




2. Practicum Training Programs:

The Practicum Training Program is an undergraduate or graduate-level training, often in a specialized field of study, which is designed to give students, supervised practical application to fulfill the requirement of an academic subject. The University provides the objectives for each practicum training in order to conduct the training.


3. Summer Training Programs:

The Summer Training Program is a voluntary training based on availability and needs in the organization, which provides volunteers with a wide range of learning experiences and resources to support their academic development during the summer period. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is considered to be (3) three and above in order to accept the applicant.  In addition, every program is specially tailored to each individual department; therefore, requirements and eligibility may differ.



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