Clinical Genomics Department


The purpose of this rotation is to have a holistic understanding of human genetics, inheritance modes, and available molecular genetic diagnostic methods.



  • Understand human genetics, modes of inheritance, and genotype-phenotype relationship.
  • Demonstrate competency in fully performing diagnostic techniques, including Targeted Sanger Sequencing and Illumina Exome Sequencing
  • List the troubleshoot problems you may encounter in the laboratory.
  • Report final molecular data



One month.


Acceptance Criteria:

  • Internship request letter from Intern’s sponsor
  • Saudi national or borne from Saudi mother only
  • GPA 3 out of 4 and above
  • Undergraduate students with a scientific major and an at least one course in genetics
  • Pass the Interview
  • Valid English Qualification IELTS. (Minimum score is 4.5 overall or equivalent)



  • Medical coverage as per hospital policy
  • Certificate of completion


Things to know before applying:

  • Submitting your application does not mean acceptance to the internship
  • Applying to the internship must be at least (2) two months prior to the starting date
  • Training seats are limited and based on availability
  • Verifying the accuracy of documents and information submitted is your responsibility
  • Please note that inaccurate information or missing documents will lead to your application being rejected


  • For more details on how to apply please, Click here

To apply