Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Jeddah (DPLM)



The mission of the internship is for the clinical laboratory intern, over a period of time, to attain and build upon the knowledge, skills, responsibilities, and ability to safely, efficiently, and effectively practice laboratory work under the laws and rules of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



  • To give clinical laboratory interns the basic understanding of how and why these tests are performed.
  • To identify tests that would be performed in a high volume or stat laboratory
  • To recognize the management in clinical laboratory. The clinical laboratory intern shall develop a general understanding of the business procedures of labs and develop knowledge concerning the employment and supervision of laboratory employee.
  • To ensure the safe and accurate preparation and calculation of reagents and devices. The clinical laboratory intern shall perform calculations required to carry out different tests required in each section involved
  • To expose clinical laboratory intern to some of the diseases process associated with tests.



Three (3) to Four (4) months


Acceptance Criteria:

  • Internship request letter from Intern’s sponsor
  • Saudi national or born to Saudi mother only
  • GPA 3 out of 5 or 2 out of 4 or above
  • Pass KFSH&RC English Placement Test (i.e. achieve level 6 and above)
  • Pass the specialty Exam
  • Pass the interview



  • Medical coverage as per hospital policy
  • Certificate of completion


Things to know before applying:

  • Submitting your application does not mean acceptance to the internship
  • Applying to the internship must be at least (2) two months prior to the starting date
  • Training seats are limited and based on availability
  • Verifying the accuracy of documents and information submitted is your responsibility
  • Please note that inaccurate information or missing documents will lead to your application being rejected


  • For more details on how to apply please, Click here

To apply