Dental Hygiene internship program is a 6-month training program that aims to enhance knowledge, skills, and competencies in the practice of dental hygiene.
The program is supervised by Training and Development, Dental Department through the Hygiene Coordinator Internship Program & and the senior Dental Hygienists. Interns will rotate between different department sections according to their monthly schedule, which is designed to fulfill dental hygiene school requirements. The interns are supervised directly by an assigned clinical supervisor at all times to ensure the execution of a comprehensive dental treatment.




Intern’s clinical responsibilities include:

  • Patient screening; review of the health history, head and neck inspection, extra/ intra-oral examination assessment of oral health condition, dental charting, complete periodontal examination and charting, diagnosis of the periodontal problem, dental. charting, predicting the prognosis, and formulating a treatment plan for all patients.
  • Taking and developing dental radiographs (x-ray).
  • Practicing professional scaling and polishing by removing calculus and plaque from all surfaces.
  • Applying preventive material to the teeth (e.g. sealant and fluoride).
  • Applying local anesthetic and therapeutic agents.
  • Giving oral hygiene instruction to patients by teaching appropriate oral hygiene strategies to maintain oral health (e.g. tooth brushing, flossing, mouth rinse).
  • Nutritional consultation and its impact on oral health.
  • Preparing educational materials.
  • Documenting and recording all cases handled.
  • Case presentations.



Six (6) months


Acceptance Criteria:

  • Internship request letter from Intern’s sponsor
  • Saudi national or borne from Saudi mother only
  • GPA 3.5 out of 5 or above.
  • Pass KFSH&RC English Placement Test (Achieving level 6 or above).
  • Pass the interview.



  • Medical coverage as per hospital policy
  • Certificate of completion


Things to know before applying:

  • Submitting your application does not mean acceptance to the internship
  • Applying to the internship must be at least (2) two months prior to the starting date
  • Training seats are limited and based on availability
  • Verifying the accuracy of documents and information submitted is your responsibility
  • Please note that inaccurate information or missing documents will lead to your application being rejected



  • For more details on how to apply please, Click here

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