Internal Medicine

The residency training program in the Department of Medicine offers an opportunity for superb training in one of the fine medical centers in the region. A strong training atmosphere is provided to young physicians, which prepares them to be qualified, professional, safe and competent physicians. The program in Internal Medicine is designed to provide a well-supervised, progressive educational experience in the broad field of internal medicine.

The department supports an intellectual environment to develop physicians who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to work effectively and efficiently with patients and their health problems, particularly those problems indigenous to Saudi Arabia. The program’s objectives are to maintain optimal teaching standards among the junior staff, maximize safety and quality in patient care, and produce doctors who shall demonstrate the ability to function with competence and confidence, applying concepts of ethics in their care of patients.

The program offers a variety of clinical venues and exposure to top-notch clinicians, educators, researchers and resources to achieve the training objectives. Program highlights include the following: training in one of the most recognized teaching hospitals in the region, remarkably high pass rate, evidence-based curriculum, monitoring quality care and ethics among medical residents, and active involvement in research.


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