Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Providing highly specialized, acute health care to children of all ages and development levels through triage, stabilization, diagnosis, treatment and appropriate follow-up care, makes the stage for this two-year fellowship program. The program offers at least 15,000 pediatric visits per year; a tertiary care institution with pediatric intensive care facilities; all levels of triage categories, including the full spectrum of medical, surgical, psychiatric, and psychosocial problems characteristic of a pediatric emergency department setting; 24-hour, highly qualified attending staff supervision; and association with an emergency medical services system.

Graduates are pediatric emergency medicine specialists providing acute and consultant care in a facility that is part of an emergency medical system for children.  These individuals will have a commitment to the advancement of the field through education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and by continuing education for physicians and allied health care professionals.  The pediatric emergency specialist is dedicated to the advancement of science in the field through primary and multidisciplinary research.

Program Director