Women’s Health

Women's Health is devoted to facilitating the preservation of women's wellness and prevention of diseases in women. It includes screening, diagnosis and management of conditions  which   are unique to women,  are more common in women , or are more serious in women , or have manifestations , risk factors or interventions  which  are different in women .  

The Women's Health Fellowship Program provides interdisciplinary gender-specific care for women and serve as resources for educational and research programs focused on women's health.  Graduates of such fellowship program are expected to be role models in leading, developing, conducting, and evaluating innovative research, education, and clinical care in health issues pertaining to women.  At the completion of their fellowship training they will become well-rounded doctors, comfortable in tackling the different medical problems by simply considering the patient as a whole and looking at the multiple aspects of disease.

The two -year curriculum promotes a comprehensive definition of Women's Health that is interdisciplinary in its nature. By definition, women's health cuts across multiple specialty areas.  The Women's Health Fellowship Program targets key areas for deeper knowledge into disease states as they affect women throughout the female life cycle.

  1. Rotation in outpatient clinics (Interdisciplinary Education)
  2. Inpatient ward rotation (Clinical Exposure)
  3. Research
  4. Academic Activity
  5. Public health education

Program Director