Clinical Neurophysiology

This fellowship is designed to provide advanced and comprehensive postgraduate education in the field of Clinical Neurophysiology.   Outstanding teaching staff and facilities support this training program.  The Research Center provides learning opportunities on basic and advanced research.

Our objectives are: To train Neurophysiology Specialists that are greatly needed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to promote neurophysiology research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is two years program.The program will accept one candidate per year. Applicant must have completed the Neurology or Pediatric Neurology residency program.

Program content include Introduction and advanced Electroencephalography ( EEG), Electromyography (EMG),  Nerve Conduction Study (NCS), Evoked potentials (EPs), and Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU). It will also give an orientation to Intra-operative Monitoring (IOM) procedures. After completion of training the trainee will become proficient in read, interpret and report Neurophysiological studies (EEG, EPs, NCS and EMG, and EMU cases). The trainee should be able to handle all troubleshooting in the lab during inpatient and outpatient recording.

Program Director