Epilepsy and EEG

The Epilepsy and EEG fellowship program provides advanced training in epilepsy and electroencephalography (EEG) in a two-year clinical fellowship.The program is designed for those who wish to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in the comprehensive management of patients with epilepsy and its related disorders.  Applicants must have completed the Neurology or Pediatric Neurology residency program.

Candidates will become proficient in interpreting EEGs of patients with epilepsy, supervising prolonged video EEG recordings, selecting patients for epilepsy surgery, coordinating special studies in epilepsy work up and interpreting the results, conducting clinical research, and teaching the residents and other fellows. The fellowship provides sufficient research time to complete a project; alternatively, more time is spent in the Epilepsy Clinic and Epilepsy Monitoring Unit to gain clinical experience.

Program Director