Maternal-Fetal Medicine

The fellowship program aims at offering training in the field of Maternal-Fetal Medicine over two (2) years. The tertiary care nature of the patients dealt with in the Section of Maternal and Fetal Medicine provides an interesting material for training, education, research, and skill development of candidates interested in the field. The fellow will be involved in the care of high-risk mothers due to both maternal medical diseases and high-risk fetuses with a variety of fetal diseases and structural defects. Surgical skills and labor room management are important areas of training which the candidate will receive.

Fellows will be involved in the care of patients in the ambulatory care settings. They will assist in specialized clinics including obstetrics high-risk clinics, fetal therapy clinics, combined perinatology/metabolic/genetics clinics, pre-conception counseling clinics and combined fetal echocardiography clinics. Candidates will be trained in level III obstetrics scanning and will be expected to run their own list by the end of the training period. Invasive prenatal diagnosis and treatment is an integral and interesting part of the training.  The candidates will also be rotating in medical genetics and neonatology.

This will be of ultimate importance for them to develop the required skills in these areas. Research is an integral part of the training, and the candidates are expected to undertake one or more research projects. Lectures, grand rounds, journal clubs, and other teaching activities are conducted on a regular basis, in which the candidates are expected to actively participate. They will also be involved in the teaching of medical students, residents and junior fellows.

Program Director