Pediatric Rheumatology

A unique fellowship program of its scope in the region. Its main goal is to provide the fellow with knowledge in the field and to independently investigate and treat children with rheumatic diseases and eventually obtain a solid background in clinical pediatric rheumatology. The training period is for two years with an optional third year for research. The majority of the fellows’ time would be devoted to clinically oriented problems and some to research, which may be clinical or laboratory.

The fellow will be trained on the normal development, embryology and anatomy of the musculoskeletal system; mastering treatment options in hereditary connective tissue disease/acquired disease; pharmacological anti-inflammatory therapy; physical and occupational therapy; and nutrition. Skills in investigations and interpretation of results, and radiological investigations including ultrasound, MRI, reading and interpretation, and joints injections are acquired.  The fellow is trained in the management of vasculitis and connective tissue diseases in childhood, including familiarization with chemotherapy.

Program Director