Cardiothoracic Radiology

Our Cardiothoracic Radiology fellowship is a two year program. Training is distributed equally between chest and cardiac Imaging. Chest radiology part of the fellowship includes all diagnostic imaging modalities including CT and MRI. In addition, trainees will have the opportunity to learn image guided thoracic procedures including percutaneous lung and mediastinal biopsies. Weekly Thoracic tumor boards and multi-disciplinary meetings are regularly performed, and trainees will have the opportunity to be involved in clinical- radiologic-pathologic correlation.

For cardiac imaging part, there will is a focus on CT and MRI. Cardiac CT and cardiac MRI examinations are performed daily in our department. Trainees will learn all aspects of cardiac CT and MR imaging; from image acquisition to 3D reformatting and post-processing. The radiology residency program has created a strong base to our Cardiothoracic fellowship by providing solid academic background and interactive teaching.

Program Director