Pediatric Radiology

This is a two-year fellowship program devoted to providing trainees with high-caliber instruction in radiological imaging of children. The totally independent environment of the pediatric imaging section provides the fellow with a unique opportunity in dealing with pediatric patients. Emphasis is made upon radiation, sedation and contrast safety aspects that are particularly relevant to children. Fellows will learn how to appropriately perform and interpret studies including ultrasound, fluoroscopy, CT, MR and conventional radiography. The unique patient population is an added value, with the wide variety of congenital, cardiovascular, oncological and critical care pathology that is managed in this Institution.

Fellows will also rotate at the King Fahad Children’s Cancer Center. High-quality clinical-radiological meetings are held every week with various pediatric clinical services, such as hematology and oncology, which allow the fellow to understand the impact of their decisions and interpretations upon the patients’ ultimate care.

Program Director