Executive Secretary Program (ESP)

Executive Secretary Program (ESP): (Secretary Program)

The Training & Development Department at KFSH&RC now offers a full-time, 8-month, comprehensive, secretarial training program, instructed in English. This program offers a rare and unique opportunity for experienced Saudi national secretarial staff eager to immerse themselves in a Canadian-influenced educational program geared at producing professionals unrivaled in their field. The program will aim to further develop office and secretarial skills while augmenting knowledge and training gained through past study and occupational experience.

The Executive Secretary Diploma Program (ESP) consists of two parts. Upon completing 15 weeks of classroom instruction with enthusiastic and highly skilled staff from KFSH&RC and Niagara College Canada, an Executive Secretary Diploma Program trainee will return to their respective department for a 4-month internship segment, giving them the opportunity to display a new standard of excellence for secretarial staff unrivaled in their workplace.

Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will graduate with a certificate from KFSH&RC in the Executive Secretary Program, and a diploma from Niagara College Canada in the Office Administration—Executive Diploma Program.
Additionally, candidates will be more confident and skilled to handle the increasingly diverse and technical workload at KFSH&RC. The program will also provide the knowledge and skills required to perform a variety of tasks and the self-confidence needed to communicate effectively at all levels.

When can I apply to the program?

Programs are opened upon hospital’s need, and applicants may apply once the program is announced.