E–Learning System

KFSH&RC utilizes one of the most advanced Learning Management System (LMS) in order to track the employees learning and all training activities in KFSH&RC. The LMS is branded as iLearn in KFSH&RC. The iLearn tracks all the educational and training activities that are instructor-led and on-line courses. The iLearn hosts world class e-learning courses from world-leading online training companies such as Skill Soft & Harvard ManageMentor to meet today’s career demand related to Leadership and Management, Information Technology, and Personal Development. In addition, the system contains more than 160 on-line courses developed by KFSH&RC such as Medication Safety, Radiation Safety, and fire safety.  These online courses can give busy healthcare professional an easy access to a variety of training programs at their convenient time to further develop themselves and achieve the vision of the organization in being a world-leading healthcare institution.