Professional Development Programs


In line with the hospital’s mission to achieve the highest level of specialized healthcare in an integrated educational and research setting, the hospital provides various professional development programs. Those programs are intended for KFSH&RC’s employees, interns/students of academic institutions, and employees of external organizations. The programs are as follows:

  1. Allied Health Programs:

The programs are designed to attract and train Saudi candidates in order to meet KFSHR&C’s staffing needs in the Allied Health Professions. These programs are conducted at KFSH&RC on a full-time basis.

  1. Life Support Training:

Training courses such as the Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (BLS and ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) are provided to health care professionals the KFSH&RC’s employees and external professionals of other organizations.

  1. Basic Skills Enhancement:

These fundamental Training courses encourage KFSH&RC employees to seek self-improvement in English Language, Arabic Language, Medical Terminology, General Human Pathology, and Computer Courses to meet individual, group and organizational needs.

  1. Practical Training:
  • Non-Physician Internship Programs:

The practical internship programs are designed for non-Physicians students/interns who are enrolled in Academic Institutions.

  •  Specialized Practical Training for Employees from External Organizations:

KFSH&RC offers practical (on-the-job) training programs for Non-Physician-employees from other organizations.

  •  Saudi Career Development Program (SCDP):

This program is offered for newly hired Saudi staff at KFSH&RC. The one-year program is focused on allowing the participants to be highly proficient in practical skills in their respective professions.

  •  Pharmacy Residency Program:

On the job training program that prepares pharmacists for the Saudi board or clinical practices.

  1. Staff Development:
  • Staff Development Program (In-house training programs):

The training programs provide skills in the area of management, supervisory, and personal development for KFSH&RC’s employees.  The expected outcome of these programs is to achieve KFSH&RC’s objectives.

  •  Online Staff Development Programs:

The hospital provides a Learning Management System (LMS) that contains off-the-shelf online courses provided by SkillSoft , Harvard ManageMentor, and in-house self-developed online courses for KFSH”RC’s employees.

  •  External Training for KFSHRC’S employees:

KFSH&RC encourages Saudi Staff to enroll in the Institution of Public Administration (IPA) in order to enhance their administrative and financial skills.