Medical internship training


Medical Internship Training for Medical Interns

After graduation from a recognized medical school, the student is required to successfully complete a 12-months rotation in clinical services. This year of rotation is called “Internship”, a pre-requisite to an honored medical degree.

Available specialties for internship training:

General Medicine                               General Surgery

OBGYNE                                            General Pediatrics

Emergency                                         Anesthesiology

Neurology (Adult or Peds)                  Neurosurgery

Cardiology (Adult, peds)                     Cardio surgery

Radiology                                            Orthopedic Surgery

Plastic Surgery                                   Urology

ENT                                                     Pathology



  • Medical intern should be Saudi.
  • Medical Intern has to be graduated with GPA V. Good or above, submit grade’s transcription.
  • Medical Intern should complete the Health care check list form
  • Medical intern should complete the Hospital registration orientation training program (upon acceptance).


If terms are met, seek the acceptance from your University and prepare the following to download via the online application:

  • Request letter from the university including name, GPA, rotation and period, attached with the
  • Evaluation form
  • Updated academic transcript.
  • Valid ACLS/BLS
  • Copy of national ID card/ passport
  • CV. 


Amy's Videos Guidelines:

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Submission Period:

  • 1st Submission period for medical internship rotations from (July - December 2020) is: (10 April - 21 April 2020)

    (Results will be received after 2 weeks from last day of submission).



Applicants will receive the final decision on their application via electronic notification message after a period of two weeks from the last day of the submission.