Pre-Intern Clinical Elective Training/ Short Time Training/ Summer Elective Training for Medical Students

In order to apply for elective training for end year (pre-intern) or summer training, medical schools are to communicate the following information directly to UME-hospital coordinator via email:

  • List of selected medical students for elective pre-intern clinical training/ short rotation/ or request letter for summer training including names, GPA, rotation & period of training.
  • Program of the rotation for electives, evaluation and attendance sheet
  • GPA/Academic Transcript for students


  • Pre-intern and short mandatory elective training is allowed for 4th and 5th
  • Summer elective is allowed for 3rd and 4th
  • medical student should be Saudi.
  • Medical student’s GPA should be good or above.
  • Medical student should complete the Health care check list form



If terms are met, prepare the following to download via the online application.

  • University distribution groups sheet/ letter per rotation/ semester AY.
  • Program Objectives/ evaluation.
  • Updated academic transcript.
  • CV.
  • Copy of national ID card/passport.
  • Valid ACLS/BLS


Amy's Video Guidelines:

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Once students successfully completed the training they will be eligible to receive certificate of completion at the end of training. 

Submission Announcement:

  • Registration submission period for end year pre-intern & mandatory electives for (April- May) 2019 is: (1-10 January 2019)

  • Registration submission period for Summer & electives for (June, July & August) 2019 is: (27 January - 8 February 2019)