Patients' Bill of Rights:

You and your family play a vital role in helping our medical team to provide you with their best quality healthcare and treatment. As a patient, you can play your part by following the below responsibilities:


» For verification purposes and to maintain our patient’s privacy and confidentiality please present the patient’s proof of identification when required.

» For better communication, please ensure to update your bio-data at the Registration and Appointments counters at KFSHRC.

» Please ensure to keep your treating physician fully informed of any issues or unexpected changes in your medical condition pertaining to your health.

» Your compliance to the treatment plan set by the medical team is required. In the event of your refusal of the medical treatment, the consequences of your refusal will be explained to you and you will be asked to sign a “Refusal to Follow Medical Advice Declaration Form”.

» In the event of hospitalization, and if your physician grants you permission to go for a walk within the Hospital premises; for your safety we request that you follow your attending nurse›s instructions, inform her/him of your destination, and return to your room when asked to do so.

» For your safety and the safety of other patients, visitors and employees we would like to remind you that smoking is strictly prohibited thought the hospital facility, and we request your adherence to all safety and security instructions and regulations.

» Upon completion of the patient’s treatment plan you will be discharged/transferred as decided by the treating physician.

» To serve you in a timely manner and avoid any appointment delays or cancellation; please attend to your appointments on time, and ensure to follow all procedural instructions and preparations. In the event where you are unable to attend your appointment; we request you contact the hospital contact center 24hrs prior to your appointment to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

» We request your attention and compliance in protecting all Hospital medical equipment. Kindly ensure that all hospital equipment is used safely and reasonably to avoid any loss, damage or misuse.

» To safe keep your belongings; please do not leave your personal belongings unattended throughout hospital facilities.

» Serving you is our priority and we request your support to treat our staff with courtesy and respect.

» All patients under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult

» To maintain the privacy and confidentiality of other patients and our co-workers, taking pictures, videos or voice recording is prohibited throughout the facility

» To ensure the comfort of our patients we require the noise level to be kept at minimum and your compliance to the hospital sitter policy and visiting hours are required.


Patients' Responsibilities:

Making our Patients aware of their rights is our priority. In keeping with our mission, core values and commitment, we have set up an environment of care and have put systems in place to ensure excellent quality of service to our patients and families. Patient rights are those basic rule of conduct between patients and medical caregivers as well as the institutions and people that support them. 


» To receive compassionate, culturally sensitive and respectful care including appropriate pain management in a clean, safe and friendly environment.

» To be seen by a consultant within 24 hours of admission and on a regular basis thereafter.

» To be kept fully informed of your diagnosis, treatments plan, possible delay, possible significant complications or side effects and required follow up treatment and be able to discuss it with your consultant.

» To be informed of the effects on your health if you refuse medical treatments

» To be provided with adequate translation if needed

» To be discharged as recommended by the consultant and to receive the appropriate medication, follow up appointments, and required instruction/education for your care at home.

» To be provided with a copy of your discharge summary orders to facilitate follow-up by your physician at the local hospital if needed

» To be able to refuse to take part in any proposed research or to withdraw from a research program at any stage without affecting your care delivery.

» To be provided with a documentation of your hospitalization and/or medical evaluation that you may use to obtain a second opinion without any impact on your care at KFSHRC

» To be assured of privacy and confidentiality with regards to your medical and social information.

» If you wish to report any concerns related to safety or quality of care you may do so thru the Patient Relations Department or Executive Management. In case your concern was not resolved to your satisfaction you may choose to report to Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA)