International Conference on Genomic Medicine 2022                                                                   Titled: Computational Genomics



International Conference on Genomic Medicine will be conducted by the Centre for Genomic Medicine, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from November 12th -14th 2022. This 3-day event will embrace fundamental and applied aspects of major frontier topics in Human Genome Science. The principal aim of the Conference is to bring together students, researchers, and scientists, and bioinformaticians specialized in human genomics from all over the world to exchange knowledge and discuss the advances and evolution in the field. The theme of the conference is "Computational Genomics".

The aim of the conference is to highlight the new innovative tools that will help in screening, diagnosing, and managing inherited genetic disorders with a special focus on the advances in computational science and its role in human genetics. The conference will have three tracks: Clinical Genomics, Translational Genomics, and Computational Genomics.


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Conference Program 

- Abstract Submission Guideline 

  1. Abstracts should represent the original work.
  2. Informative abstracts and critical abstracts are accepted.
  3. The Abstract should be written in English and around 100-300 words.
  4. Please indicate one – three most relevant themes for your abstract from the conference tracks.
  5.  Please send in a brief biography together with the Abstract.
  6.  Documents that do not conform to the guidelines will be asked to revise.
  7.  Documents received after the given deadline, due to any. reason will not be accepted unless the deadline is extended.
  8.  The abstract should be submitted in the format of MS Word (.doc or .docx) document


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Call for Abstract (Deadline 31 Oct) :

• Prenatal and Newborn Screening
• New genes and new genetic disorders discovery
• New treatments and clinical trials for Genetic Disorders
• Multi-omics approaches
• Pharmacogenomics
• Genetic counseling and prevention

• Genome Variation and Architecture Cytogenetics
• GWAS and New Technologies and Approaches
• Diagnostic Improvements and Quality Control
• Population Genetics and Evolutionary Genetics
• Functional Genomics and Epigenomics
• Molecular sequence analysis
• Sequencing and genotyping technologies

• Bioinformatics, machine learning & Statistical Methods
• Artificial Intelligence for Enhancing Clinical Medicine
• Computational proteomics and proteogenomic
• Computational structural biology (protein structure and function Biological networks)
• Privacy of biomedical data and bioimaging
• Pattern Recognition in Biomedical Data: Challenges in Putting Big Data to Work
• Precision medicine: Addressing the challenges of sharing, analysis, & privacy at scale, Mining and Visualization for Precision Medicine.
• Data organization, management, categorization, integration, analysis of data, and knowledge discovery.
• Visualization of biological systems and networks
• Computational problems in genetics such as linkage and QTL analysis, linkage disequilibrium analysis in populations, haplotype determination, SNPs


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 Tel:464-7272 ext.33314 Email: sderar@kfshrc.edu.sa 


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