Registries Core Facility Awareness Day

North Tower Lobby, King Faisal Specialists Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh



The Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Scientific Computing Department (BESC) are the primary department within KFSH&RC that is entrusted with creating, developing and supporting disease registries.

The Registries Core Facility (RCF) established in year 2000 in BESC and is charged with the responsibility of setting up, maintaining, and development of hospital-based registries.

The RCF team is very excited about this event; and we want to ensure that all healthcare practitioners and public are made aware of it so they can “mark’’ their calendars as it’s an event not to be missed.

The event is aimed at all healthcare practitioners and public who are interested in research to make them aware of the benefit of RCF and to maximize the number of researches.

There are a number of registries stations:

  1. Epilepsy Registry
  2. Cleft Lip/ Palate Registry
  3. Rare Dental Disorders Registry
  4. Pan-Arab Liver transplant Registry
  5. Cystic Fibrosis Registry
  6. HIV Registry
  7. Primary Immunodeficiency Registry
  8. Parenteral Nutrition Registry
  9. Thromboembolic Diseases Registry
  10. The Saudi Thrombosis and familial Thrombophilia Registry

Each station will be presented by a registrar of each registry with informative scientific and educational information.


To assess clinicians and scientists needs through providing the information on important risk factors and the outcomes from the registered patients.


Wednesday 22 November 2017.


 8:30 AM and will end at roughly 3:00 PM.