World Diabetes Day 2017 (Women and Diabetes)




World Diabetes Day 2017 (Women and Diabetes)

#السكر_اختيار   / #Diabetes_Is_A_Choice


Women are key agents contributing to the adoption of healthy lifestyle to improve the health and wellbeing of future generations. Currently, more than 199 million woman worldwide have diabetes, and it expected to increase in future years according to some unhealthy habits. These habits are considered a risk factors that could lead to gain the disease. For this reason, The Diabetes and Women campaign will be activated under the name of “#Diabetes_Is_A_Choice", and it is aims to raising awareness among diabetic individuals and who under the risk of diabetes that’s some unhealthy habits have a great impact on a future full of diseases and may lead to death.

In this sense, #Diabetes _Is_A_Choice campaign aims to put women under the responsibility of choosing the best future for them and their families.


Online Diabetes Campaign:

on Sunday and Monday (12-13 November 2017) includes publishing of health information and livestream for physicians and specialists on diabetes. Livestream starts at 8:30 am till 10:00 am through health education twitter account @KFSHRC_HE

Main Goal:

Promoting diabetic woman health and reduce the risks for others to be diabetic.


  • Raise awareness of society and women about the impact of bad habits
  • Educating pregnant women on how to deal with diabetes
  • Adjust the family lifestyle in a healthy way


Diabetes Campaign inside the hospital:

Date: Tuesday 14 November 2017

Location: North Tower, KFSH&RC-Riyadh.

Time: from 9 AM to 3 PM

Participating Corners:

  1. Nursing corner: The corner is concerned with measuring the level of glucose in the blood of diabetic people.
  2. Nutrition Corner: The aim of the corner is to raise awareness of the community about the unhealthy habits of people with diabetes in relation to diets, and guide them to what is healthier.
  3. Corner of physical activity: The corner encourages attention to physical activities and avoid habits that can affect the health of people with diabetes.
  4. Pharmacy Corner : The corner is aim to increase the awareness of the patient with diabetes in relation to medicines and instructions of the doctor.
  5. Health Education Corner: The corner is concerned with changing the lifestyle of the diabetic patients to a healthy pattern to prevent complications that may result from unhealthy habits.
  6. The consulting physician Corner: Advisers in this corner provide some of the necessary advice to the community.