8th Pediatric Flexible Bronchoscopy and 6th Flexible Bronchoscopy Assistant Training Course

Postgraduate & Surgical Suite in Comparative Medicine Department, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre - Riyadh


There is no single course available in the Middle East for Flexible Bronchoscopy training with hands-on experience.

This 3-day course will include both didactic and practical learning experience. Each day will be divided to lectures in the morning at the Post-graduate Centre and then hands-on sessions in animal lab at Comparative Medicine Building in the afternoon.

The hands-on sessions will be given in small groups (5-6 trainees per animal station for a total of 5 stations) estimated total of participant is around 25-30 trainees. Local, regional and international competent Pediatric Bronchoscopy speakers have been invited to participate in this course.

Target Audience:

Pediatric Pulmonologists, Neonatologists, Pediatric Intensivists, Anesthesiologists, Otolaryngologists, Pediatric Chest Surgeons and Pediatric Emergency physicians, Endoscopy and Operation Room Nurses, respiratory Therapists, Anesthesia and Endoscopy Technologists, and anyone interested to learn Pediatric Flexible Bronchoscopy


  • The course is designed to give a comprehensive introduction to flexible bronchoscopy
  • To know the indications, contraindications and complications of flexible bronchoscopy
  • To practice the basic skills needed to perform airway examination and specimen collection
  • To understand the required set ups to initiate and maintain flexible bronchoscopy service

For further information:

Department of Pediatrics, MBC 58, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre

P.O. Box 3354, Riyadh, 11211, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: +96611 4647272 ext. 39087          Fax: +966 11 4427784
email: ibanguilan@kfshrc.edu.sa