Blood Donation


Blood Donation

One blood donor can save three cases. Help KFSH&RC blood bank to be ready the biggest number of cases.

KFSH&RC blood bank provide safe blood components in an efficient manner to the patients of the KFSH&RC, using the most up-to-date technology, support research and education programs, provide knowledge and support to the medical staff and other areas of the hospital, and provide services related to the collection, processing, storage and transfusion of blood products.

Blood Bank abides by the regulations and standards of:

  • The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health
  • American Association of Blood Bank (AABB)
  • The College of American Pathologists (CAP)
  • The Joint Commission International (JCI)

Blood Bank donor requirements to be illegible for blood donation are:

  • Identification ID / Iqama
  • Age : more than 17 years old
  • Weight: more than 50Kg
  • Hbg(Hemoglobin) : more than 12.5 And pass the medical examination
  • Donation Process will take almost 45 min

100 Donors

50 Donors

50 Donors

5 Donors


Urgent blood type needed is  (O+) by at least 100 donors

 Working hours & location:

 Sunday to Thursday 7:30 Am - 9:00 PM, from KFSH&RC Main Gate.

For more information: Please contact Us 011 442 4279 Or 011 442 7222



Wateen is a mobile application that helps you find people who need your blood type in nearby blood donation centers.