Zakat donations are most welcome. KFSH&RC has donation accounts to receive donations from the public and organizations.

The funds received are used to help enhance the quality of life for needy patients and for children with cancer, support their families, purchasing of much needed equipment, as well as setting up educational programs for the public, patients and their families.

The hospital has two accounts in Al Rajhi bank for donation - Zakat account and Social (Sadaqat) account.

Accounts Numbers:

  • Zakat services
    • Bank account number: 24886
    • IBAN: SA398000011460801002488/6
  • Social services
    • Bank account number: 26006
    • IBAN: SA638000011460801002600/6
  • Charity Housing
    • Bank account number: 92883
    • IBAN: SA398000011460801009288/3
  • Zakat Social Services KFNCCC
    • Bank account number: 196668
    • IBAN: SA7780000114608010196668
  • Social services-KFNCCC
    • Bank account number: 147778
    • IBAN: SA3480000114608010147778

For more information, you can call the following numbers:
+96611 4427621
+96611 4427622
+96611 4427623
+96611 4427625