King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (General Organization)-Jeddah Nursing Affairs is committed to being a center of nursing excellence; creating a professional practice environment to provide the highest quality care to our patients. We are a multinational nursing team; and each nurse brings their knowledge, expertise and cultural perspectives to the care of our patients. Our value and strength lies in our diversity; and united in our commitment to excellent patient care. Nurses are at the heart of the patient's experience, and the cornerstone to providing high quality patient care. We also know that this care cannot be delivered without a nursing team that is fully committed to excellence in care; and supported in their work environment. 

This commitment to excellence was realized with KFSH&RC-J being the 1st hospital in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) and the 6th internationally to be awarded Magnet Designation on 01 June 2013 by the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC).

We are proud of our nurses’ commitment to excellence and the approach of using best practice to monitor outcomes. Nursing Affairs has taken the commitment to excellent patient care delivery to a new level by being the 1st International Organization to be awarded the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) Award for Outstanding Nursing Quality, 2013 for the Teaching Hospital Category.

Our aim is to provide a professional practice environment focused on quality patient care based on best available evidence, autonomous professional practice and generating knowledge through research. Quality care requires a network of partnerships between direct care nurses, nurses and managers, nurses and the interdisciplinary team. Shared decision making is the glue that holds these partnerships together, with the focus on excellent patient care.

With the commitment of all nurses, from the bedside to the nursing leadership, we make a difference to patient care at KFSH&RC (Gen. Org.) - Jeddah Branch.

Nursing Achievements

  • HRH Princess Muna Al Hussein Award, 07 October 2015 awarded to Dr. Sandy Lovering, Executive Director, Nursing Affairs by the American Nurses Credentialing Centre for her outstanding commitment to advancing standards of excellence in nursing health care around the globe.
  • The 7th International Nursing Conference, Nursing Affairs, Jeddah was held on 27 to 29 April 2015 in collaboration with the American Nurses Credentialing Centre  and the American Nurses Association.  
  • Nuseiba Bent Kaab Golden Prize Award established by the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) Nursing Technical Committee under the Council of Health Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) was presented to Ms. Haia Fahad Al Dosary, Nurse Clinician, Medical Surgical ICU on 01 September 2014.
  • KFSH&RC (Gen. Org.)–Jeddah was the first international hospital to receive a National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators Award for Outstanding Nursing Quality®, Teaching Category, 2013 that recognizes outstanding nursing quality results against a database of over 2,000 hospitals.
  • KFSH&RC (Gen. Org.)-Jeddah was designated a Magnet organization on 01 June 2013; becoming the first hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC and the sixth internationally to accomplish this outstanding achievement of Nursing Excellence.


King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (Gen. Org.)-Jeddah was designated a Magnet® organization on 01 June 2013

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (Gen. Org.)-Jeddah has made history by being the first hospital in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) and the sixth (6th) internationally to be awarded Magnet Designation by the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC). This designation is valid for a four year period, thus for KFSH&RC (Gen. Org.)-J this would be 2013-2017.The Magnet Recognition Program® ensures that rigorous standards for nursing care delivery are met; is the highest international honor for nursing excellence and serves as the gold standard for nursing practice.

Nursing Affairs began this journey in December 2006 with a strategic vision set to achieve Magnet Designation. Changes to improve the quality of patient, structures to develop a supportive work environment and processes to measure and monitor outcomes for patients, employees and the community were developed.

The Magnet Recognition Program has a four (4) phase process which KFSH&RC (Gen.Org.) completed, making history as the first organization in KSA to do so:

  1. KFSH&RC (Gen.Org.)-J officially began the Journey to Excellence in March 2010 with submission of Magnet application to the ANCC
  2. Magnet Documentation which how we provide healthcare in our organization and demonstrate our excellent patient and staff outcomes were submitted to the ANCC on 29 May 2012 and achieved a score of excellence upon first submission
  3. Magnet Site Visit completed by three appraisers from USA with the aim to validate, verify and amplify the information that we included documents, 28-30 April 2013
  4. Magnet Designation awarded June 2013

What does Magnet Designation mean to KFSH&RC (Gen. Org.)-J?

Magnet designation is presented to healthcare organizations who demonstrate excellence in patient care delivery, work environment and commitment to partnering with the community to improve healthcare delivery.

Professional Development Opportunities

All staff within Nursing Development & Saudization (NDS) department are committed to the career development of our nurses. A wide range of learning and development opportunities are provided to strengthen the clinical skills and capabilities of nurses. These opportunities are built upon the philosophy of adult learning.

KFSHRC (Gen.Org.)-Jeddah is an approved provider of continuing education by the Saudi Commission for Healthcare Specialties (SCHCS). A strong collaborative partnership exists between NDS and clinical staff to ensure the continuing education needs of nurses are met. Continuing education programs are advertised via the monthly education calendar. 

In addition, role specific continuing education programs are developed such as the Saudi Career Development Programs (SCDP) across a number of general and specialist areas, Nurse Clinician Development Program. Our educational, mentoring and internal career growth opportunities can help nurses develop their career in highly specialized clinical areas as well as develop confidence in contributing to wider organizational projects which impact upon delivering safe patient care. This includes participating in multi-professional performance improvement projects as well as more nursing focused assignments.

The NDS team has established strong partnership networks with a number of local higher education institutions and universities to ensure a vibrant and highly focused learning experience is provided for Saudi Bachelors and Masters nursing students.


Nursing General Services

General Services patient population includes adults and pediatrics across the following specialties with a total number of nine (9) units. They are

  1. Neuroscience Unit
  2. Surgical Unit
  3. Adult Oncology Unit
  4. Pediatric Oncology Unit
  5. Medical Unit (5North)
  6. Medical Unit (5South)
  7. Protocol Unit
  8. Operating Room & Recovery Room.

Selected clinical specialties offer in-house training opportunities for Oncology & Operating Room.


The Nursing Practice, Quality & Research Department was established in November 2010 to act as an umbrella for practice related issues, quality activities and research initiatives within Nursing Affairs. Nursing practice is grounded within the principles of best practice to achieve optimal quality data outcomes. Nursing practice change and development takes place within the council structure of our Professional Practice Model (PPM).

KFSH&RC-J, Nursing Affairs become the first international member of the National Database for Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI®) in 2007. For the past eight years, KFSH&RC-J has contributed data to the NDNQI® in an effort to accurately capture specific clinical measurement outcomes related to the nursing care we deliver; and to be able to benchmark with over 1900 hospitals internationally. The international benchmark of nursing sensitive indicators provides us with the opportunity to compare our performance, then devise and implement more effective nursing care strategies to improve patient outcomes.

The NDNQI provides nursing with the ability to have unit specific data within our organization. This initiative has provided us with the ability to direct quality improvement projects across Nursing Affairs and even to specific units. In addition, we have indicators that we measure by setting an internal benchmark e.g. hand hygiene and documentation due to no benchmark available at present.



The patient population for these services spans from neonates to adults in the critical care fields covering medical, surgical and cardiovascular populations requiring critical care including cardiovascular telemetry, in partnership with the collaborative healthcare team to provide excellent care to critically ill patients. The units are:

  • Neonatal ICU
  • Pediatric ICU
  • Cardiac Surgical ICU
  • Medical Surgical ICU
  • Surgical ICU
  • Cardiovascular Telemetry
  • Renal Transplant Unit

In addition to critical care, Specialty Services includes the following nursing units

  • Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • Labor & Delivery Unit
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology/Normal Newborn Nursery Unit
  • General Pediatrics

In-House specialty certification and cross training provides opportunity for staff growth and development. The total number of units is ten (10).