Nutrition Services


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‘It is well documented that good nutrition is the cornerstone for good health and can significantly reduce health care associated burdens, including length of stay in hospitals’

Mission Statement:

To provide the highest level of specialized nutrition healthcare to our patients.

Our Vision:

To do the right thing at the right time in the right way for the right patient.

About Clinical Nutrition Services:

Clinical Nutrition Services team at KFSHRC-J provides comprehensive clinical dietetic care to inpatients and outpatients at our hospital, advising on nutrition and health, food-related problems and practical ways to manage disease and ill health. We provide services to all areas including pediatric and adult services.

Clinical Nutrition provides the following services:

     1. Inpatient Services:

  • To provide nutritional assessment and dietary advice to all admitted and referred inpatients and their caregivers.
  • To prescribe specialist diets as required by the patients’ medical condition.
  • To recommend and supply nutritional formula and enteral feeding regimens where appropriate.

      2. Outpatient Services:

         We provide multiple, nutrition outpatient clinics for adult and pediatric patients (daily clinics)

  • We provide services to the renal dialysis unit and the emergency room.
  • Our clinics provide specialist dietary advice on; weight management, cardiac, renal, diabetes, gastroenterology, gestational diabetes, nutrition support, allergies, ketogenic diets, failure to thrive and more.


Adult Clinics

Pediatrics Clinics

General Nutrition Clinics

Oncology Clinic

Surgical Clinic

Protocol Clinic

General Nutrition Clinics

Cardiac Clinic



  3. Inpatient Formula Preparation Service:

  • Clinical Nutrition provides a seven days per week service including on-call services, for inpatient nutrition formula preparation.
  • Our staff are trained to safely prepare Nutrition formula (ready to feed and formula mix).
  • This services serves all inpatient units including adult and pediatric patients.

  4. Nutrition Supplies for Outpatients (Take Home Supply Store):

  • Clinical Nutrition staff provide a service to all outpatients who visit the Take Home Supply store for their Nutrition formula, including refill requests.
  • All clinical staff within this area are trained to ensure the safe provision of nutrition formula to all outpatients.
  • Clinical Nutrition staff also receive and prepare all nutrition formula order requests from patients that reside out of area and prepare to dispense them via a DHL service.

  5. Other Services provided by Clinical Nutrition:

  • Training on nutrition and therapeutic diets to healthcare professionals.
  • Organize nutrition academic activities such as conferences, workshops and symposiums.
  • To provide an expert nutritional advisory and information service.
  • The department also has a commitment to provide training and clinical placements for dietitian interns, license renewal training as well as offering a Nutrition volunteering program.
  • We are actively involved in clinical research and regularly audit various aspects of our services.
  • We provide community outreach services to our patients on nutrition health such as, nutrition awareness days, school activities and general health education.


We are proud to part take in Nutrition and Quality improvements, be it performance improvement projects, service development or accreditation activities (CBAHI, JCIA).