Nutrition Services


The Department of Clinical Nutrition offers nutritional therapy and counseling to all in- and out-patients. We provide nutritional screening, assessment, and analysis to patients across all age groups. Our expert nutritionists help patients choose a nutritious and healthy diet plan to meet their culture and medical needs. Our services include clinical nutrition in-patient services, clinical nutrition out-patient services, clinical nutrition training and education, and home care. Our clinical staff are licensed and registered nutrition professionals, many with advanced degrees and specialized certifications.

Clinical Nutrition Services – Jeddah functions as an important link providing services to all areas of the hospital (inpatient and outpatients, adults and pediatrics). We receive referrals via nurse high risk screening and from medical doctors.



Scope of Services:

1- Inpatient Services:

  • To provide nutritional assessment and dietary advice to all referred inpatients and their caregivers
  • To prescribe specialist diets as required by the patients’ medical condition
  • To recommend and supply nutritional formula and enteral feeding regimens where appropriate


2- Outpatient Services:

  • We provide services to the renal dialysis unit and the emergency room
  • A total of 15 (adult and paediatrics) outpatient clinics per week are currently provided
  • Our clinics provide specialist dietary advice on; weight management, cardiac, renal, diabetes, gastroenterology, gestational diabetes, nutrition support, allergies, ketogenic diets, failure to thrive and more.


Adult Clinics

Paediatric Clinics

General Adult Nutrition Clinics

Oncology Clinic

Surgical Clinic

Protocol Clinic

General Paediatric Nutrition Clinics

Cardiac Clinic




3- Other Services:

  • Training on nutrition and therapeutic diets to healthcare professionals
  • Organize nutrition academic activities such as conferences, workshops and symposiums
  • The department also has a commitment to clinical placements for dietitian interns
  • We are actively involved in clinical research and regularly audit various aspects of our services
  • We provide community outreach services on nutrition health such as, nutrition awareness days, school activities and general health education


Clinical Nutrition Inpatient Services

Our dietitians are an important part of a multidisciplinary care team with inpatient. A clinical dietitian is assigned to each patient care unit at The KFSHRC. We provide comprehensive nutrition services for inpatients of all ages according to medical need. The dietitian will consult with the medical staff for the patient about special diets, modified formulas, enteraltube feedings and parenteral (IV) nutrition. She will also provide a nutritional services that includes:

  • Screening patients for nutritional risks
  • nutritional assessment, design, and monitoring of nutritional programs
  • Assessing nutritional needs and making recommendations on how to meet them
  • Dietitians are also providing nutritional assessments which includes:
    • A growth evaluation
    • An assessment of nutrient intake
    • Formula/feeding recommendations
  • If the patient will be home on tube feedings, we are making nutrition consultation a part of discharge planning. before patient leaving the hospital. Our team will also provide instructions for patients who require modified diets and special formulas.
  • Making recommendations for infant feedings, including breast milk, formula or enteral/tube feeding products
  • Managing the care of patients receiving nutritional support enteralorparenteralnutrition (IV nutrition)
  • Providing nutrition education and diet instructions for patients & their families.
  • For hospital nutrition services, provides a multidisciplinary approach assisted by allied health professionals at KFSHRC to provide:
    • effective evaluation and management of medical malnourished hospitalized patients
    • fluid and electrolyte management of ill patients
    • assessment of drug-nutrient interactions
    • general nutrition support supervision
  • Specialized nutrition support is essential to the care of patients who cannot absorb adequate nutrients due to major surgery or specific disease states in which the stomach or bowel are not functioning properly. Nutrition support is especially important for malnourished patients and those at high risk for malnutrition. And this is well covered by our expertise clinical dietitian in KFSHRC.


Home Care

Our dietitians work closely with home health care nurses to identify any patients in need of nutritional intervention. Dietitians conduct evaluations over the phone or during home visits, and/or with family members. Appropriate education and recommendations for improving the patient’s nutritional status are provided.


Nutrition Services – Achievements:

Some of the significant achievements of Clinical Nutrition are listed below:

  • We facilitate the selection, recruitment and training programme for dietetic interns
  • Facilitating and Lead in Academic Events, for example, nutrition conferences in collaboration with ESPEN (European society of parenteral and enteral nutrition), advanced workshops, symposiums and pediatric nutrition courses
  • We produced a Special Edition Nutrition Magazine in 2018 to promote international dietitian’s week
  • Participate as speakers in International and national conferences
  • Performance Improvement Projects e.g. cost saving initiatives, improving dietetic services to patients
  • The dietitians participate in various outreach health related activities e.g. my heart my health event, health promotion events in schools
  • Developing new nutrition services for patients
  • Participate in hospital wide initiatives such as, Quality Day, Oncology Day, World Diabetes Day
  • Lead on all policies and procedures related to clinical nutrition
  • Nutrition has chapters in the accreditation processes, such as JCIA and CBAHI
  • Produced a hospital wide dietary manual in September 2018 available as a reference for all health professionals