Radiation Therapy to the Breast

Radiation Oncology Clinic:

After giving the consent to start radiotherapy to the breast region, the Radiation Oncologist and the team will provide you and your family with the appropriate health care and support throughout your radiotherapy treatment.

Radiation Therapy (BREAST AREA):
Simulation and Planning for Radiotherapy:
  • Duration of the appointment: 45 minutes to an hour.
  • What will happen? You will have a CT scan that simulates your treatment position by lying on the breast board made specifically for radiotherapy.
  • N.B:
    • You do not have to fast.
    • Please wear 2 pieces of lightweight clothes to expose the upper part of the body easier.
    • If you experience difficulty in moving your shoulder and raising your arm upwards, please inform your doctor before the radiation therapy planning session, so that you will get the appropriate recommendations.
What is the simulation and planning device?

It is a computerized tomography (CT) device containing special computer software that gives a detailed CT scan to the breast area, to help the radiation oncology team to plan your treatment.

Step by Step procedure for Breast Radiation Therapy
Radiotherapy sessions:
  • Duration of the session: 15 minutes. It may last for a longer time in some exceptional cases.
What happens during the radiotherapy session?
  1. Radiation therapists check the treatment plan before starting the therapy sessions.
  2. Radiation therapists reproduce the CT simulation’s position, by using the tattoo marks on the patient’s body and the breast board.
  3. Before starting the session, an X-ray is taken to make sure that you are in the same correct position as the CT simulation. Any adjustments are made as required.
  4. After confirming that you are in the right position, your session will begin.
  • The images during the radiotherapy are not diagnostic; they are used only to verify the patient’s position during the radiotherapy sessions.
  • During treatment, you will meet your doctor once a week. You should inform your doctor regarding any side effects you may experience to get the needed help and advice.
  • The radiation therapists on every visit.
  • Your doctor or nurse on your weekly follow-up clinic.
Managing Breast Radiotherapy Side Effects