Critical Care Medicine









The Department of Critical Care Medicine operates a "closed" 53-bed intensive care unit 24/7 to provide care and assistance to patients during fatal conditions. The annual admissions average 1,850 patients. Critically ill patients suffering from organ dysfunction or failure, or those who require surgery for organ transplants, are admitted to the critical care unit. Our experienced multidisciplinary staff attend to every patient with compassion in our state-of-the-art facility and emphasize on providing the highest patient care through the Tele-ICU Program.


Respiratory therapists provide continuous on-site support for patients with acute and chronic respiratory failure, and an experienced multinational nursing staff provides one to one cover for all critically ill patients. Critical Care Medicine provides quality care to severely ill patients and working to optimize resource utilization and increase the ability to manage patient needing life support, locally in special lower care areas such as High Dependency Unit or Home Mechanical Ventilation Program, and nationally through the Tele-ICU Program.