Family Medicine - Polyclinics


The Department of Family Medicine & Polyclinics is comprised of two Sections namely:  Family Medicine and Polyclinics. 

The Section of Family Medicine is responsible for the health care needs of hospital employees and their eligible dependents of all age groups (approximately 35,000).  The major goal of Family Medicine is to provide cost-effective, efficient and evidence-based health care services.  Family Medicine provides services that include screening, diagnosis, management and prevention of physical and psychosocial conditions, as well as providing health education and medical counseling, occupational and infection control services including assessment of pre-employment, needle stick injuries and TB surveillance. 


The Section of Polyclinics serves as an initial assessment and referral clinic to determine a patient's eligibility for tertiary care services at King Faisal Specialist Hospital.   It is also an ambulatory care facility for tertiary care patients who need special additional management of their chronic diseases.  In addition, Polyclinics provides back up support to the Emergency Room for cases which need urgent follow-up.  Polyclinics are comprised of Medical, Pediatrics and Orthopedic Clinic.


  • Family Medicine- Riyadh has been awarded HIMSS 7 Accreditation as the first ambulatory care service outside USA to achieve HIMSS 7 status.   
  • Establishment of virtual clinics covering regional clinics in collaboration with Health Outreach Services

For Medical Professionals

  • Family Medicine Residency Training Program
  • Family Medicine Clerkship Program
  • Establishment of Management of Chronic Diseases Series by organizing 3 symposia every year


Contact Information                                                                                                                                                                         

Family Medicine Appointments                  23005 / 23664                                                

Family Medicine Walk-in Clinic                    31904                                

Family Medicine Nurse Station                    31905                                

Polyclinics Nurse Station                              31885                                

Pediatrics-FM Nurse Station                         31807                                

Nurse Work Room                                         38188                                

Medication Refill E-Services                         31785                

Re-contracting Clinic                                     38231                                


Clinics' Locations:                                                                                   

  •    Family Medicine            2nd Floor, Outpatient Building                                                   
  •     FM Walk-in Clinic          3rd Floor, Outpatient Building                                                    
  •     Polyclinics                     3rd Floor, Outpatient Building                                                    
  •     Pediatrics                      6th Floor, North Tower Building