Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology






The Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology (ICHE) Department aims to:

  •  Develop and maintain infection control policies and procedures for all hospital departments
  •  Provide venue for education of physicians, nurses and healthcare workers in the field of infection control and environmental health
  •  Integrate infection control surveillance data and reports into meaningful targets for performance improvement projects to reduce healthcare-associated infection.


Scope of Service

Implementing Fit testing program as performance improvement project among all healthcare workers

  • Assisting hospital management in maintaining the regulations accreditation requirements such as JCI and CBAHI



1- Surveillance:

Adopting and practicing the scientific comprehensive method of measuring outcomes and related processes of care, analyzing the data, and providing information to members of the healthcare team to assist in improving those outcomes.


2- Hospital Epidemiology:

Collaborates with the Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology team and functions as data manager, analysis and outbreak investigator. Ensures the accuracy of data collection and definition of criteria, analysis of administrative and clinical surveillance data and generation of reports.


3- Environmental Health:

Promotes a safe and sanitary environment through the contribution and recommendations in construction, renovation and maintenance projects. In addition, ensuring a safe environment for the prevention of Health -care Associated Infections (HAIs).


4- Infection Control Education:

Promotes infection control and safe practices by managing, facilitating and evaluating infection control activities. Responsible for all educational related activities and resources provided by ICHE as well as participates in research and performance improvement activities.