Nursing Affairs - Riyadh

Nursing Affairs provides care for the most challenging surgical and medical cases within Saudi Arabia with the help of 2,930 highly skilled nursing professionals in collaboration with other members of the healthcare team. The King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center Hospital (KFSH&RC) has achieved Joint Commission International accreditation since 2000, the prestigious American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Recognition® since 2014, and Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions accreditation since 2019.

KFSH&RC Nursing Affairs’ Group supportive leadership, philosophy of quality as everyone’s responsibility, patient led care plans and education, excellence in innovation and research, have led to professional growth and successful staff retention. Additionally, the Nursing Affairs sets the stage for quality improvement and facilitates the nurse’s roles in those activities.

KFSH&RC’s values of Patient Centric, Safety, Excellence, Accountability, Transparency, and Collaboration underpin all that we do in Nursing Affairs, directing the methods and means that we use to accomplish our mission: To serve society with the highest level of healthcare and best patient experience in integrated education and research setting, within the Kingdom. 


The ANCC Magnet® designation is conferred to worldwide organizations striving for excellence through leadership, scientific discovery and dissemination and implementation of new knowledge. Magnet designated organizations seek to continually improve patient care. 

Our organizations first Magnet® designation was on 22 April 2014 and redesignated on 19 September 2019.



Nursing Recruitment & Retention

The Nursing Recruitment and Retention Department aims to promote the nursing experience at KFSH&RC in a positive manner locally, nationally and internationally. It provides an efficient, coordinated and centralized process for recruiting nursing personnel internationally and locally for available positions; evaluating the training, skills, and knowledge of candidates; and appointing individuals to the organization’s staff. The Department also hosts activities to promote wellbeing of nurses.

Nursing Research

Nurses from all specialties and clinical roles are involved in conducting or participating in research activities at KFSH&RC. Throughout the years, nurses' research interests have been rich and diversified. Some of the completed research revolved around clinical and pragmatic issues related to patient care, patients' and caregivers' illness experience, nurses’ wellbeing and work satisfaction, and work organization challenges.

The organization encourages and support nurses to engage in research activities. They are provided with a variety of resources during the process, from the initial research idea to the publication submission. In addition to the resources offered by the organization’s Office of Research Affairs, all nurses benefit from the expertise of a team of nursing research specialists.


All nursing research proposals go through a two-step process before being approved by the Institutional Board Review (IRB). Initially, each research proposal goes through a thorough scientific review by the Nursing Research Committee, followed by a review by the Research Ethics Committee from the organization’s Office of Research Affairs. Graduate students can also conduct nursing research in the organization following the same process.

Nurses at every level in the organization are participating in research activities whether lead investigators or as members of a research team. Interprofessional research activities are encouraged in the organization.

Our nurses attend international and national conferences and workshops and have also published research projects in internationally distinguished journals.

Our Nursing Researchers' Achievements

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Nursing Development & Saudization

The Nursing Development & Saudization Department has the overall responsibility for providing Nursing Affairs with comprehensive Nursing educational services that promote staff development and continuing education at all levels. Services include general orientation, staff development, continuing education, clinical education and support to staff as well as clinical placements for local nursing interns and other student groups.


Specialized Nursing Affairs Services


Two of our many specialized services in Nursing Affairs are the Adult Palliative Care and Pediatric Palliative Care.